Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 10 and Day 11

Day 10: Something you're afraid of

It may sound trite, but I'm always afraid of losing those close to me.  After Brian's accident if anyone was more than a few minutes late getting home it just about sent me into a panic attack.  I knew in my head that more than likely everything was fine, but my heart was just scared.  These days I don't worry as much, but I'm still particular about checking in when people reach their destinations.

What I did learn from Brian's accident is to make sure you tell your friends and family that you love them, and what they mean to you.  Don't leave fights unfinished.  To this day I'm so grateful that my last words with Brian were "I love you.  See you tonight".

Day 11: TV shows that your currently addicted to

I won't call it addicted, but I do love reality TV.  I always watch Survivor and Amazing Race, but I've also been watching America's Next Great Restaurant and Top Shot.  I don't usually watch cooking shows, but Next Great Restaurant is interesting because everyone eats in fast casual restaurants (think Chipotle or Noodles) and I love seeing what concepts work with the investors. 

Top Shot is on History Channel and this is the second season.  It's hosted by Colby (of Survivor fame) and follows typical reality show format.  It starts with a team challenge, then moves to individual.  The contestents have challenges each week.  Some speed and accuracy, some just basic marksmanship.  The remainder of this season will be intesting as all of the contestants left have a military background.  The show is now casting for season 4.


  1. I've never lost someone in the way you have, but still I freak out when someone is late. Like standing by the window and crying. I hate that.

    We aren't big TV watchers but we do love American Idol!

  2. It does not sound trite at all. I may not have lost someone close to me, but I have seen how quickly life can change. I used to work as a nurse in an ICU. The things I saw and the wails of grief I heard. To this day, I will never "go to bed angry" and my last words to family are "I love you". I worry when I don't hear from Andrew that he is leaving work or that he is working late. Thank you for being so open on your blog. Keep it coming!

  3. My thought is that, if you fear losing someone, it's a true sign of how much you love.

    Brooke Annessa

  4. I never, ever like to leave a disagreement without apologies and I love you's. It absolutely makes me crazy! I have a hard time with reality shows. I just put on my Friends DVD's and I'm good to go!

  5. I love Americas Next Great good...I think I have a crush on Bobby Flay...or maybe I just want him to cook for me!

  6. I cant imagine losing some one I love the way you lost Brian...I can understand your fear that would be difficult to overcome.

    I am a huge survivor fan, although this is quite possibly the worst season I have ever seen...Everyone sucks this year!


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