Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've gotten off track with my 30 days of posts...and have some other stuff that I need to post about or I'll forget, so bear with all my randomness...

* Claire's 15 month appointment was last week and all is well.  She is still growing right along her 50th percentile curve, and she weighs in at 18 lbs 10 oz.  Of course she started crying before they even gave her the shots, but the rest of the appointment was spent charming all of the staff.  She is still solidly in her 6-9 months clothes, with a few 12 months.

* My computer at home is acting up.  It's 2 years old, gets used only for our book keeping, the internet and photos, and yet something bad is going on.  Some days it won't even start.  This weekend it took about 15 times of restarting and patching/repairing to get it going.  I'm in the process of transferring photos off it so that if it does crash I won't lose them.

* I have a super cute video of Claire blowing kisses that I've been trying to transfer to my computer so that I can post it.  But since my computer issues started when I tried to install the video camera software I've been hesitant to install the software at work.  Don't want to break the work computer, and they have most of the video sites blocked...

* We bought a brand new car a month ago.  I don't go into big decisions quickly and this has been in process for years.  I also can't make a decision...Anyway, that brand new car has been in the shop for 2 of the 4 weeks I've owned it.  To say I'm unhappy is an understatement! I have the car back, but the bluetooth still isn't working right.  It's not the end of the world, but I'm peeved that there is anything wrong with my brand new car.

* I went to an awesome Ds symposium this past Saturday and came away with some great tips for school and IEPs.   I still need to get my notes together for a post though...

* Claire has turned into a ham.  When you bring out the camera, this is what you get...


  1. Such a sweet little face! Yay for a good check up, Sutter's 15mo check up is coming up on Monday. He's been in the 50th percentile as well but he's in 18mo-2T clothing...lately it feels like he growing as fast as the weeds in our backyard!

    I'm sorry about your new car...I hate car issues to this day they make me cry! Can't wait to hear about your Ds seminar and the info you got...they'll be 3 before we know it!

  2. So sorry about your car!! I hate when that happens. Is it a *new* new car, or a used one? Either way, that SUCKS. Shouldn't happen.

    Love the sweet faces Claire's making for the camera!!!!

  3. Claire is just as cute as ever! I've been having computer struggles too. Aaron just bought me a super cheap replacement for my old Mac laptop...and I've been struggling to cope with the change. (-:
    Hope the new car situation gets fixed soon. We have to buy a new car this summer, and it scares me to death!

  4. Your car...ugh!! Computer troubles..have so been there...the guy that fixed my sony viao said Acer (yes, Walmart Acer) has the best laptops (400 bucks at walmart) and this guy builds laptops so he knows his case you want to buy one...dual processor, windows7, and 400 bucks...that's what I have now (and my viao that was fixed)... Claire..Melissa, I LOVE your daughter..she is sooo beautiful..what a blessed mama you are. Love you my friend, take care.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  5. Definatly crappy about the car, stuff like that pisses me off too! And my laptop is about five years old and its been freezing up and acting wierd so I am trying to back up my pictures before it crashes. I dont want to get a new one though, its funny how attatched you can get to something you are used to, even if it is just a computer!
    Love the pictures of Claire, lol, Russell has the fakest smile ever when he sees the camera!

  6. LEMON!!! no really I am sorry to hear the car is not doing what it needs to!! such a drag! and then the computer thing would light my nerves! I am loving the pix! Claire is so cute I could eat her up! smiles

  7. No matter what the day brings (Car trouble, etc) just look at that face!!! Betcha that'll fix just about anythign!

    Brooke Annessa

  8. That is a lousy deal with a brand new car. I'd be annoyed as well. What make is it?

    The photos of Claire are precious. Love the expressions; priceless.

  9. She is such a ham! What a photographer's dream ;) Sorry about the car and the computer, probably the two most frustrating things to break!

  10. What a cutie pie! Funny, I can't make a decision either and I'd be really bummed about my new car being in the shop, too. The bright side... you have a new car! :-)

  11. What a pumpkin...You are a blog auction winner :)...Please email me at

  12. Ooooh Claire is a beauty! It's funny, because I have always loved the name Claire but didn't use the name for any of my daughters...but I was thinking that if I change Carmen's name, it would be to Claire.


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