Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7: Favorite Books

As you could tell from my earlier post, I love books!

I always have.  I remember going to the bookstore when I was a kid for a new book and barely making it to the car before the book was open and I was reading.  Now I accumulate books much faster than I could ever read them.

Even with all the books in my house I easily have a favorite.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

To get a couple of things out of the way, first if you've read the book, no my Claire wasn't named for the Claire in the book.  I liked the name long before I read this book, but the association didn't hurt.  Second, if you go to Amazon and start reading the info on the book, one of the first descriptions of this book you will see is "600-page time-travel romance".  Don't be put off by this!

Yes, the book is long.  Yes, there is a little time travel, but more than anything I hate this book being described as a romance.  I don't read romances.  To me those are the bodice rippers with Fabio on the cover.

Outlander is different.  There is romance, there is sex, but the context is different from other "romance" books.  In Outlander it's all within an ACTUAL relationship.  Romance, sex, arguments, laughter. All of the things that we all experience in our relationships.

In addition to being set in the fabulous Scottish countryside, Outlander is meticulously researched.  There are so many layers to this book that it really doesn't get old, even after many readings.  And, if you prefer audio books to print versions, the UNABRIDGED audio read by Davina Porter is amazing!


  1. You know I wondered! Well Claire is a great name either way. I started this series on audio, and got through the first four books (each of them being somewhere between 30 and 50 discs, God help me). So I burned out. Someday I need to finish them!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book, I like books that are longer so that doesnt put me off at all!
    LOVE the new blog look, beautiful picture of Claire :)

  3. Mel, I thought you were nuts when you gave me this book to read. Now, it's one of my top 10 favorites as well. And, I don't read romances either! GREAT book! I think I have the entire series now. :)

  4. So I laughed when I saw your pictures of the bookshelves. I laughed because my study looks like that. Book. Everywhere. Shelves of books that I have read and want to keep. Boxes of books that I have read and will trade on Paperbackswap. Of course the shelves of books that I still need to read. That being said, I have not read the book you just mentioned and now I need to go get it. Like now. I LOVE a good book. . .just need time to read it :-)


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