Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Disability Blog Hop: Cheese!

Intro from With A Little Moxie (because I didn't take the time to write my own):  Welcome to the Summer Disability Blog Hop hosted by With a Little Moxie - this is a hop for bloggers who are advocates, people with disabilities and/or have a connection with disability through blogging. That includes Down syndrome bloggers, Deaf bloggers, blind bloggers, bloggers without a disability but who have a loved one with a disability. Bloggers with all and every type of physical/mental disability. It also includes bloggers who don't blog on disability/special needs but would like to write or include a post that has a disability connection.

One of my favorite things about Down syndrome is the fabulous community of people that I've met, both online and in person, because of Claire.  This blog hop is one more way to build community.  Every week there is a topic.  Post on the topic, or whatever you want to talk about. Visit the others blogs, meet some new people, leave a quick comment.

Today's prompt is Cheese!  Share some photos that have a connection with disability.

Okay, I've been a terribly lazy blogger these days, but photos I can do.  We actually just got Bridget's three month photos done this weekend, and with that we *attempted* to get some pictures of the girls together and some of Claire by herself. 

Unfortunately, it was really close to nap time, and there was a lot of this...

And a few extras

signing water

what do you have in your sensory box?


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Best Thing About a Wedding.... the dancing!  Just ask Claire.

Last weekend a family friend got married.  Not long after we got there, Claire started signing eat.  Our table hadn't been called yet, so we distracted her by walking around the block and visiting the park across the road.

Over an hour later our table was finally called to the buffet.  In true toddler fashion, Claire refused to eat anything.  We hung out at the table through the toast and cake cutting hoping Claire would decide she was hungry again.

Then the music came on.  Bribing doesn't usually work with Claire, but that night it did.  With a little chicken to fortify her she was ready to dance.

And dance

And dance

Two and half hours past her bedtime and she was still going strong.

I, on the other hand, was beat.  We bundled everyone into the car and headed for home.  I figured Claire would be asleep almost as soon we made it into the car.  She surprised me by staying awake until we got the to the farm (only fifteen minutes away) and got her into her jammies.  Once we made it through our nightly routine she crashed hard.

Three hours late to bed, but still up at her usual time in the morning....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Heart Day Claire!

Today is the two year anniversary of Claire's heart surgery.  For the second year in a row we celebrated with a BBQ and friends.  The weather was in the 90's yesterday, so we got the slides, outdoors toys and water table out and turned the kids loose.  It wasn't long before a couple of them were absolutely soaked.

We chatted and played until it was dark and some of the kids wanted to go home.  You know it was a good time when a three year old asks to stop playing!

Happy Heart Day beautiful girl!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 Months

How in the world did Bridget get to be 3 months old already?!?  I've heard it said that the days may go by slowly, but that the months and years fly.  So true!

Bridget is such a happy and easy baby.  We've gotten past the initial hatred of tummy time, and she will tolerate it for longer and longer.  She isn't rolling yet, but I'm quite okay with that.  I like knowing she will still be in the same place if I walk away for a few moments.  Head control is still a work in process, but the stability is winning out over the bobble headed.  It won't be long before we break out the bumbo!

Bridget is cooing and talking all the time.  Not to be left out, Claire will often mimic Bridget, and with both of them hollering they make quite a racket.  Claire is absolutely in love with her sister.  We still are struggling with hitting and biting, both with Bridget and others, but Claire seems able to turn the 'almost' bites into kisses if you constantly remind her.  Progress, I hope!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T21 Tuesday: Down Syndrome and Siblings

Not long after Claire was born my mother-in-law said she had many people ask her if we were going to have more kids.  I'm not sure if this was really my mother-in-law's question, or if a lot of strangers were actually that curious about our family plans.  Either way, the intention behind the question was clear.

Your first child wasn't who you expected, do you really want to try your luck again?

While we may not have planned for Down syndrome to be part of our life, the answer to more children was a resounding YES.  We had planned on 2 kids (or as my husband likes to least 2 kids), and Claire didn't change that at all.  Claire is sweet, has a great sense of humor, and is a lot of fun.  Who wouldn't want all that in a big sister?

Our second daughter, Bridget, was born three months ago.  Just as I expected, Claire is a great big sister.  She loves to hold Bridget, cover her in kisses, and always has a blanket handy just in case she needs one.  Claire is very protective of her sister and makes she that everyone know that Bridget is Claire's baby.  Although in true toddler style, Claire is a little bit quite rough with her sister at times.  Being gentle is a work in progress.

I know that Bridget will be able to learn many things from her sister.  How to splash so much at bath time that the entire bathroom is soaked.  How to empty a kitchen cabinet in 7 seconds.  How to sign milk and dad, among many others.

I hope she also learns compassion towards other people.  That different isn't bad, it's just different.  That challenges don't mean you quit, they are just an opportunity to show yourself and others what you really are capable of.

Just like any siblings, I know my girls will teach each other many things.  Good things and bad things.  Most of all, I hope they teach each other that a sister is always someone you can count on.