Monday, January 17, 2011

ONEderful Updates!

It was just about a month ago that I last posted about Claire's accomplishments, and I already have so many new updates to share for her ONE year birthday.

12 month stats: 17 lbs and 27 inches.  Both right about 50th percentile on her chart.

Teeth:  Holy cow is pretty much what sums up this update.  One month ago Claire's first tooth was just making its appearance, and now I can see SIX teeth. 
1: bottom left center
2: upper left molar
3: upper right molar (this one still isn't all the way in and seems to bother her the most)
4: bottom right center
5: upper right second tooth
6: upper right center (the last 2 were just discovered in the past week (5) and yesterday (6), so they aren't through yet either)

Feeding:  Claire has been completely off purees for about 4 months now.  She just hated them so we moved to table food.  She is a great eater and will try almost anything.  Sweet potato and yogurt top the list of favorites, but I will feed her pretty much anything off our plate, as long as it isn't too spicy.

She self feeds things like puffs very well, but has a little trouble with food if it is much smaller (like corn) or too soft (like sweet potato or green beans), because then it's fun to squish it, rather than eat it.

She has been drinking out of her straw for a little over a month and does well with it.  Except that she gives us a very strange look when we give her milk, instead of the water she is used to, with the straw.  I am planning to start the transition from the bottle to the cup this week.  I still have about 3 months worth of breast milk in the freezer, so we won't transition to cows milk for a while still.

Gross Motor:  We have a crawler!!  A full on hands and knees crawler!  Which means I need to officially baby proof.  Around Christmas, Claire would crawl forward a time or two, then drop to her belly and army crawl/stretch to get what she wanted.  About a week after that she started crawling on hands and knees when she wanted something specific.  In just the last few days she's figured out that she can crawl just to crawl.  She will usually start out with a destination in mind, but I love to see her get distracted and discover new things.  She's also figured out she can crawl after us, and has made it from the living room to the kitchen.

Claire is also pulling to stand from the ground.  She can do it on the ottoman with the lip to hang onto, or in her crib.  She hasn't figured out how to reposition her feet once she pulls up, so she winds up in some pretty precarious positions if you aren't watching closely.  We have another PT session with Pat Winders tomorrow, and I'm excited to have her answer some questions.

Speech and Signing:  Claire does a lot of babbling and is using more and more consonant sounds.  We get a lot of ma, ba, da and la sounds.  She has used dada for Darren a few times when he walks into a room, but it's not consistent yet.  I think she also has her first sign.  We use milk, all done, more, mama, dada and few other with her constantly.  Recently, there have a few times we've asked her if she's all done, and have gotten a very emphatic hand shaking in return!

Fun Stuff:  Claire is the master of peekaboo and patty cake.  If she even hears the words patty cake the clapping starts.  It makes me laugh though, because the won't clap through the whole song.  She seems to stop and wait for help with the 'patting and rolling'.  The 'throw it in the oven' part is a little hit and miss too.  Sometimes she'll do it on her own, and sometimes she won't.  Her ring stacker and toys where she can push the buttons are hits these days too.


  1. WOWSA!! Claire is a big girl!! she is doing so awesome! Happy milestones! smiles

  2. It's amazing how alike Sutter and Claire are! They could entertain each other with peakaboo and patty cake all day long! Sutter also stops clapping right when we get to "patting and rolling"!

    I'm loving the exploration phase's great that Claire is able to crawl and discover her environment! We started the transition from bottle to straw cup today! I'm going to keep the morning and evening bottle, but during the day he will milk and water in a cup. Water for the living room and milk in his high chair with meals and snacks. So far so good! As for the squishy food, you can try rolling or dipping it in bread crumbs or graham cracker crumbs...makes it easier to pick up!

    Way to go Claire, you're such a big girl!!!

  3. awesome!! she's doing amazing things!!

  4. I bet it is just blowing your mind at this point. She is going a thousand miles an hour! God bless that girl. Watch out...the walking is next. Then there will be no stopping her.

  5. Wow, thats a TON of exciting things!! Claire is doing great! How is she with all those teeth coming in at once, thats sounds painful! Loved this post, its fun to hear all the things she is doing :)

  6. Good job Claire. Wow Melissa. She is moving right along. Tily is quite the roller but you have to be much more watchful with crawling. good luck with the baby proofing. They can be fast little buggers. My first one taught me that; but for some reasome I deem to forget alot until the next one comes along. it is so awsome how Claire has progressed. She is darling as always.

  7. She really is doing great! You must be so proud!

  8. Claire, you are a freakin rock star!!
    Arina is a fabulous eater too, I'm not sure how to introduce the cup. Whats best to go to from the bottle?

  9. WOW!! Amazing girl! That is wonderful!


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