Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fighting Germs

For the past couple of weeks Claire has been fighting a battle with germs, and with a score of germs 2, antibiotics 0, the germs have been winning.  Claire has a sinus infection that just won't go away.  We just started round 3 of antibiotics, and she is finally feeling better.  To rule out any weird stuff we are going to the ENT next week.

I'm way behind on blog writing and blog reading, but today I'm glad to have something other than a sick baby to tend to!


  1. Poor Claire and poor mommy! I hope everything checks out at the ENT and that she starts to feel better FAST!!!

    Interesting how different two doctors can be...Sutter drinks a 6oz bottle in the morning and a 6oz bottle before bed and he may get 4-6oz of milk throughout the day the rest of his liquid is water...according to his ped. that is plenty based on the amount of food he's eating. There is no way I could get him to drink 24-30oz of milk a day even if he had bottles during the afternoon, but he does eat three solid meals and at least one snack.

  2. Hoping that 3rd time is the charm!

    Zoey has never had an ear infection.Ever.But sinus infections,oh boy.Plenty of those.Has gotten a little better as she has grown.Still,everytime she has a cold,we end up on antibiotics but now,1 round seems to kick it.Hoping the same for sweet Claire.

  3. We have been a house of infected humans here lately...if it isn't one, it is the other. I can literally FEEL my body trying to fight this crap off, and I'm winning only by a hair.

  4. OH poor Claire. Hope she gets better soon.


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