Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Little Cowgirl

In our neck of the woods, Stock Show is a big deal.  Before kids, going to stock show really meant a couple of hours actually at stock show, with the rest of the night getting caught up with friends at the bar.  These days, most of our friends go to the rodeo, do a little shopping, and rarely make it to the bar.  Even though we won't be going this year, Claire couldn't resist showing off her cowgirl attire.

And yes, that is dust all over Darren's hat and food all over Claire's shirt.  :)


  1. That little cowgirl is seriously rocking that hat!!

  2. Cowboy hats are SUPPOSED to have dust on them, and babies are SUPPOSED to have food on them! It wouldn't be natural if they didn't. Now all she needs is a horsie.

  3. OK Melissa need to send me a copy of ALL of those. I could have a Claire Bear Wall just for all of her pictures! They are too cute.

  4. love the cowgirl! all Claire needs now is a little rhinestone belt and boots...she is so darn cute...smiles

  5. Claire is Russells kind of woman ;)
    She makes a VERY cute cowgirl!! Loved the shirt too!

  6. Looking good little cowgirl!!
    Ok, its been so long, but it drives me crazy that I can't keep Arina's shirts clean. Ever!!


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