Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you, thank you!

Now that year end craziness has subsided, the totals have been calculated.  This year, from Nov 1 to Dec 31, Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree raised over $305,000!!!  This is QUADRUPLE what was raised in 2009. So, thank you! Thank you for donating to Celine, Olga, or any of the kids on Reece's Rainbow.  Every donation helps bring children home. 

During this year's Angel Tree, 30 children had families commit to them.  In 2010, 153 children came home to their forever families, and already 2011 looks like it will surpass that figure. 

While the big fundraising push of the Angel Tree is over, there are still many children that need help getting home.  If you can, please consider donating to a child who is still waiting for a family, or to a family who is doing the final fundraising before they travel to bring home their child.

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  1. it was an amazing year! Miss Celine is so precious! They all are. I want them all home home this year!!


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