Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Claire is 11 months (time sure does fly!) and she is doing so many fun things these days that I just had to share. 

Claire is getting her first tooth!  I noticed it on Saturday when she opened her mouth for a bite.  It looked like a spot on her gums, but today, just few days later, you can definitely feel that it is there.  And, other than producing gallons of drool when she chews on her teethers, it doesn't seem to be fazing her at all.

In gross motor, Claire is making amazing progress!  A month ago she wouldn't (not couldn't, but wouldn't!) bear any weight on her legs.  As soon as you tried to stand her up, she would pull her legs up just as fast as she could. She started bearing weight on her legs in PT last month, and today, while her posture isn't good, she can pull to stand from sitting on a bench!  That is huge in one month!  And what could be better motivation than a cell phone?  :)

Claire isn't crawling quite yet, but know that she isn't far away either.  She makes very purposeful and impressive lunges while on the carpet, and was pulling herself one scootch forward on the hardwood floor last night. 

We started with the Talk Tools program a few months ago, and while I love our ST, I've been slacking quite a bit with Claire's exercises.  The only thing we use consistently is the Honey Bear cup, and a couple of weeks ago, Claire started drinking from the straw.  She doesn't do it consistently, but this is a great first step in transitioning off the bottle.  And she loves the Bear.  She reaches for him whenever she sees him.

But my favorite new things she's doing are great big hugs!  She reaches her arms around your neck and just squeezes.  And then she finds hair and pulls, which takes a little away from the hugs, but they are still awesome!


  1. WOW, 11 months already??!! Looks like you have been one busy little bee Miss Claire!! Look at all the wonderful things you are doing! I remember when Landon wouldn't bear any weight on his legs either (he looked like a little frog with his legs tucked). Once they build that confidence and see the view (higher than 6 inches off the ground) there is no stopping them!!

    Congrats on the milestone's mommy (& daddy too)!! Keep up the great work Claire=) Huge hi-5's from your buddy Landon!! xo

  2. YEAH, Claire! Keep up the good work mommy, daddy and little one :)

  3. AWW the hug!!!! OK all the accomplishments are great!! We are still working on a straw at 24 months here!! Go Claire!!! But the hugs are the best!!!!!!

  4. What great progress for Claire. Yay for her (and the two of you).

  5. She's really doing well, you must be so proud. I love the hugs too, I really feel connected to my children when they reach that stage. I can't believe she is already 11 months! We'll have to get together sometime after the holidays! We'll be in Denver a lot in the next 15 weeks!

  6. Wow, Claire is doing awesome! Thats great she can pull into a standing position! Its amazing how they can make such progress in a small amount of time! I am hoping Russell gets motivated soon here to actually start to WANT to go somewhere...I dont mean crawling, but at least trying to move towards stuff...We seem stuck in one spot right now with the gross motor skills.
    Claire looks adorable in the pictures!!

  7. Those are all huge accomplishments! You must be so proud. And then once she starts crawling then walking, you will wish that she didn't! Ha! Well, you can tell she is a girl because she is going for the phone. They start early!

  8. So Awesome! Claire is a superstar!! I love the hugs to...I love the tight-arms-around- neck- meaningful hugs!! Happy Hoidays..smiles

  9. Ok, that girl is a rock star! Not even a year and getting a tooth and pulling to stand! Wahoo! Arina is 15 months and no sign of a tooth yet!


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