Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tubes Scheduled

On Claire's 16 month post I mentioned that she'd had her follow up visit with the ENT, and while there was fluid in one of her ears, he was comfortable waiting on tubes.  Over the next week something I heard in a seminar rolled around in my head.  The speaker said that "any fluid in the ear is significant." He said that if the brain is hearing inconsistent sounds it will affect speech, and that if the brain isn't hearing correctly there is no way for the sounds to be reproduced correctly.  I realized even though the ENT might be comfortable waiting, I wasn't.

So, even though I hate to have Claire sedated again, she will be getting tubes a week from today.

You would think after we'd been through OHS, tubes would be no big deal (and they really aren't), but I'm still nervous.  I just don't like "procedures", even though I know this will help with her speech.  Claire is such a jabber box, and is trying hard to say words, but most things come out sounding like dada.  I hope this gives her the boost she needs to get all those words out.

And since my recent posts have been sadly picture free...here are a few for those missing Claire's sweet face!

showing off her teeth

being silly with dad

her new hat (which is an infant size and is STILL too big on her)

Bear and her bear


  1. Will pray everything goes smoothly with the tubes... and can you please tell Miss Claire to stop growing, effective immediately, her hair is getting SOOOO long. What a beautiful girl, just precious!

  2. I think you were definitely right to go ahead and get tubes. It's not good to have fluid in her ears and as much as she was sick this winter, I think it will benefit her both ways. We HAVE to get together this summer, the kids are growing so fast!

  3. What sweet pictures!! Glad you've posted some more of that beautiful little face!

    I would feel that same apprehension. Sure, OHS was bad enough, but now she's older, more aware of things, and we also know so much more of the dangers of sedation (sorry! Not trying to make you feel worse!), but I'm sure it'll all go great, and the benefits will be obvious quickly!

    We have an ENT appt. at the end of June to evaluate Sammi's need for treatment for her chronic sinusitis. I'm terrified that they're going to suggest surgery...

  4. Thank you for the photos!!!!!! I have missed her sweet face so much.

    Did Claire Bear get her molars first? Ellie's molars came in before most of her other teeth. Everyone thought I was giving her chicklets to chew, but nope, just huge molar hanging out.

    I hear you on the tubes. Any procedure is a BIG deal with our kiddos. Ellie is on her second set. I had a nervous breakdown each time and each time she comes out like "why hello, isn't this just a lovely day? Where is my milk?". Yep, and I am the peds ENT NP.

  5. Good for you on making the executive decision...mom always knows best! I hear ya on the trying to talk, Sutter wants to talk so bad that sometimes he gets frustrated when I don't understand what he's saying! :(

    I have missed that cute face...look how long her hair is getting...I love it!

  6. Oh my goodness look at all her teeth! Jesenia still only has the two bottom front ones. We haven't had any ear worries and Jesenia apparently has nice size ear canals so I hope maybe we can avoid all the tubing stuff.

  7. Love the photos!!! I'm going to have to try to braid Lily's hair like that. Too, too cute!

    I know you know that Lily got tubes a little over a week ago. It really was no big deal. However...I was still a nervous wreck...and YES, cried a little bit when they took her back. I can already tell a difference in Lily. Not necessarily her speech, but in her eating and her not-as-runny nose. Her speech pathologist said to give it 6 weeks before we will hopefully see a change.

    I'll keep Claire in my prayers.

  8. Her hair is getting so long! With very stylish braids and everything!

    I will pray for you and Claire to get through this next step. It doesn't quite seem fair that she should have to go through all this stuff, but I know she is a trooper and will be fine. And will help her in the long run.

  9. Love seeing pictures of Claire :)
    Good call on the tubes. I remember at first I pushed for tubes and everyone told me Russell was fine, he could hear, but he heard maybe a little muffled, like he was under water or something! I was pretty pissed...I didnt want him to hear like he was under water, I wanted him to hear CLEARLY! So we eventually got the tubes and even though he could hear before I can REALLY see a difference now!!
    I was scared too by the way...Its hard to hand your baby over now matter how small the proceedure...But all will go well, dont worry!

  10. You go mom! Get those tubes in. I never understand when they say to wait. If you know they are going to need them,just do it!

  11. Good luck with the tubes and no kidding about the teeth. We are still waiting for Tily's first one to make an appearance.


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