Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 17: What’s in your purse?

For those of you that have been paying 30 days are up and I'm barely halfway through the topics.  I think it's official.  I am not a good daily blogger.

My purse...I just had to buy a bigger one (mine's white).  Yes, I carry too much stuff in it, but Claire's stuff takes up quite a bit of room too.

It always contains diaper and wipes.  A straw cup.  Some sort of teether or toy.

My wallet.  Checkbook.  A pile of wadded up receipts that haven't been entered into that checkbook...

Nail clippers and files. A wide assortment of lipsticks, glosses and chapsticks.  Mascara.  Lotion. 

Coupons...that I may or may not remember to use.

Cell phone (which also doubles as a book).

And even with all that stuff I carry with me, it always seems something is missing....

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  1. I Love purses!! in fact I just went to Macy's to get a new one..have not done that in awhile! I find the perfect one! cute, big, over the had it all...then the price tag! $178 YES that much needless to new purse for me! but I love yours! smiles


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