Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One word....





That is me and my calendar for the next three weeks. 

My full calendar started this past weekend with an awesome visit with my aunt, who was in town to run the Bolder Boulder.  My dad and aunt came our direction to visit for a bit, the next morning we headed their direction for some race festivities, and then the following day Claire had tubes put in her ears. 

We didn't get to see much of the Bolder Boulder, but did get to see the elite runners and some of the memorial day program.  Sky divers brought in flags for each of the military branches, and the Stars and Stripes.

Claire's tube surgery the next morning was as quick a process as everyone said it was!  Her surgery was at 9:00 and we were on our way home by 10:30.  She slept a lot of the day, and was a bit crabbier than normal, but really she did great with the whole thing. 

Claire's nurse (in the background of the first picture) was awesome.  He and is wife are both nurses, and they do foster care for medically fragile children.  Claire's other nurse had an adult daughter with Ds.  It was great to visit with both of them.

Claire went to daycare today, but I ended up picking her up early.  She was out of sorts and over tired, and came home and slept for almost three hours.  That is an insanely long nap for her!

The next few weeks are packed with dr appointments, therapy and work so there may not be too many exciting updates....except for Claire's first Happy Heart Day, which is next week.

Sorry for the crappy pictures.  The only camera I had with me this weekend was my cell phone.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, and for making it through what turned out to be kind of a random update!


  1. love the Boulder hubby and I used to run it in our other life!! Claire is still to cute for words...enjoy your summer!! smiles

  2. Melissa that was 4 words,but who's counting!Seriously though,life is so very crazy.Seems whether you have 1 child or 6 like,speaking of crazy,me,our days are just packed.Remember to take time for you and husband and when you can,just you.Helps with the crazy momentum of life.

    Glad surgery went well and Claire is looking darling as ever!

  3. Wow, I think you have the fasted hospital ever! I would love to get in and out that quick, even for tubes! Summer is always so crazy, but I love this kind of craziness!

  4. So happy that Miss Claire is doing so well after her surgery!

    Prayers on the way for continued healing!

    Brooke Annessa

  5. Hopefully things settle a little and you all can enjoy the summer. So glad her surgery went well and I'm sure it's going to help her a great deal!

  6. Give Claire a smooch from me and remember to take time to soak up the little moments in life that make it all worthwhile. Lifting you up in prayer, you guys are never far from my thoughts..


  7. So glad Claire's tubes went in without a hitch. We are supposed to be upping our PT because they want Jesenia to do more. I'm already doing stuff six times a month but if she needs it, she needs it. I have to take her next week for her blood work. I know she'll do fine but I'm just dreading them finding something "wrong" because everything has been so good.

  8. Claire looks more and more beautiful every time I check in :) So do you, mama :)

  9. Love your blog : ) Do you live in Boulder?? I used to live there and moved back to the East Coast about 6 years ago or so. BUT, I absolutely loved Boulder!! Beautiful country... : )



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