Thursday, May 5, 2011


I posted this a couple of times on Facebook, but if you missed those, you really don't want to miss out on your last chance to get some of this toffee.

My friend Renee is adopting Paisley from Russia.  They will be traveling on their first trip soon, and still have some more funds to raise.  To help with the fundraising, Renee opened Paisley's Pantry

Her first Pantry offering is White Chocolate Toffee, and to say it is amazing is an understatement!

My jar arrived last night. 

This morning the toffee is half gone.

And I was the only one home last night...

No, that doesn't say much about my will power, but it does say something about how delicious this toffee really is. 

Friday, TOMORROW,  is the last day to order this treat.  It comes packaged in a jar, ready for gift giving.  It would be perfect for end of the year teacher gifts!  I've also been told it freezes very well, but I don't think any of my toffee is going to see the inside of the freezer.

Just click ORDER THIS TREAT and you will be sent to Renee's blog for all the details. 

Trust me, you will only be sorry if you miss out on this toffee!


  1. Great idea for teachers, I just might have to do that ;)

  2. It is delicious and very hard to stop eating it isn't it? I have to put mine in the fridge to keep myself from looking at it all day long.


  3. such a great idea!! I will check check it out!! I probably need to get 2 more me! Have a great Mothers Day...smiles


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