Friday, May 13, 2011

16 Months

I meant to do this update post along with Claire's 15 month appointment, but with the car and computer trouble it slipped past me.  So, a little bit of bragging about my girl!

* Claire is pulling to stand on everything.  She's been doing this for quite a few months, but recently added vertical surfaces like walls.

* Claire is a speedy, crawling machine.  She loves to be chased down the hallway and just giggles like crazy.  She's started doing a half bear crawl sometimes, with one leg kicked out.

* Signs: milk, dad (occasionally), dog, all done (all the time!), eat

* Will point to things and people she wants.  Claire is great at pointing to her straw cup when she wants a drink while eating.

* She will follow directions like stop, come here, say goodbye (wave), blow kisses.  And she will also give you a look when she ISN'T going to follow a direction like 'stop playing with the blinds'.

* She is pretty much weaned from the bottle and completely on straw cups.  Sometimes it seems like she isn't drinking enough and I'll give her a bottle, but she'll only drink a few ounces that way too.

* Claire is a great eater, but still resists feeding herself sometimes.  The slimier the food (green beans, squash) the more she resists.  She doesn't have any problem self-feeding things like meat, grilled cheese and string cheese.

* Teeth:  She has 10 teeth in with 2 more on the way.  On the top she has, the 4 middle ones and the molars.  On the bottom, the 2 middle and the molars.  She just started getting the other bottom middles. The bottom molars, especially on one side, have been slow to come in and she has a sore in the corner of her mouth from the drool and something (usually her thumb) always stuck in there.

* Claire's hearing is great.  She knows that when the front door opens Daddy is home.  She also knows the sound of the bathroom door, and rushes to join whoever is headed that way.

* Yesterday we had the follow up appt with the ENT.  Her left ear still has fluid and isn't showing ear drum movement, but her right is great.  After talking with the ENT, he is inclined to be a little conservative and not do tubes yet.  He didn't want to do them too soon.  Any thoughts from experienced tube moms?

All in all, Clairey is doing great.  I'll have to add pictures a little later as the squirmy worm on my lap is done sitting still!


  1. Yay Claire!!! Sounds like she is doing awesome and so many fun things! Sutter just realized he could stand up on vertical things too...his favorite is the glass shower doors because he can make them bang together...NOT my favorite! :) I'm a little jealous of the no bottle...I'm still working on the night time one even though I know he doesn't "need" he!

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  2. What a BIG GIRL!! so great..holy smokes 10 teeth! I love the I am not listening looks! so sweet...smiles

  3. Loved reading this! Claire is just moving right along, doing great :)...I dont think there is a rush to get tubes, especialy if you know she IS hearing. Sounds like you have a Doctor that is keeping a close watch on things.

  4. She is doing so great! As for the tubes, Emily had them placed when she was 13 months old because of fluid and we noticed a huge improvement in her hearing if that helps.

  5. Ok, I've got my Claire 'fix' for the day...wait, what am I saying, I can never have too much Claire! Love you and love that sweet girl. By the way, Paris suffers from the same I must bolt to the bathroom door-itis. Don't get me started on the jar of playdoh I found in the toilet the other day...thank God for safety door knob covers or I would be in serious trouble. Ok, I'm off! Take care!

  6. Awesome Clair!! So cool to hear of all the progress. Keep it up.

  7. way to go miss claire!! and miss maggie got tubes at 11 months and has done wonderful ever since :) ....and love your mother's day tradition, made me smile!

  8. "hearing" and "hearing clearly" are very different things! I have huge problems with my ears, and just had my 3rd set of tubes (permanent this time) put in in March. When I have fluid in my ears I cannot discriminate where sounds are coming from, and the clarity is VERY poor. Kids with DS have enough trouble with speech, much less when they can't hear clearly.


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