Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome PT appointment

When it come to Early Intervention and living in a small town, there are definite advantages (like being able to get into the program right away), and disadvantages (not having a PT locally available).  Since there isn't a PT in town, one comes up from Children's once a month, and the other 3 weeks a PT assistant travels our direction.  Claire has been seeing her OT since she's been about six weeks old. I really like her, but wanted to have the PT see her too as we are getting close to surgery.  Since her tummy time will be restricted for 6-8 weeks I wanted to make sure she has a solid foundation going in.

I really liked the PT.  She was friendly and knowledgeable.  I would describe my concerns, or areas we needed to work on, and she jumped right in with Claire, moving her around every which way.  I've been a little concerned that Claire has been favoring her right side. She really prefers to keep her head turned that way, and will look at nothing instead of turning to the left to look at us or her toys. I could tell the PT loved her job.  She would get so excited when we found an exercise that would work well for Claire. 

We have some great new ideas for working with Claire, and goals to try and reach before we see the PT next month.  I hope to get one more appointment in before the surgery.  The PT we saw today also works closely with Pat Winders, and will keep her updated on Claire's progress as we are set to meet with Pat in July.


  1. Great news!! Way to go little Miss Claire:) Keep up the hard work!!

  2. Look at claire lifting her head like that! Goooo Claire! big fans over here in NY!

  3. She's such a pretty little thing! Go Claire!

  4. This blogging thing is great. I can find out everything that's going on with my Claire without even talking with Mom. Thanks for staying on top of it so we're all kept current. Keep up the great work Melissa. You are one strong, loving Mother!


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