Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Claire's First Branding

During the spring and summer our weekends are often very busy, and usually filled with cattle.  Last weekend we branded the calves, and they will be moved to summer grass next week.  We've had a fair amount of rain lately and last weekend was forecast to be wet and cool too. Saturday was cool, but thankfully it was dry, as branding wet calves doesn't work well.

The corrals were a little sloppy, but the calves sorted well.

Waiting patiently to get started

Applying the brand

Next in line

We had Claire in her farm outfit for the occasion, but she didn't let all the commotion interrupt her nap.


  1. How lucky Claire is to grow up in a place like this! I LOVE her little mohawk in the last picture!

  2. The cow pics are great. ;-) I tell you, Claire and Jesenia have almost the same hair. Jesenia's is starting to lay down more, but it does want to stick straight up at time.

  3. Those poor little cows! Claire looks like she is really doing great! Read the info on the PT also -- She sounds marvelous!


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