Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Today

It still amazes me how my baby's smile can make a bad day so much better...

When I got up today I actually thought we might go home. Now, I think we will probably be here until the beginning of next week. Yesterday, Claire did very well on her room air challenge while awake. Over night they were able to decrease her O2 again. But this morning her room air challenge while sleeping went really badly. The nurse did one around 5 am and the Dr did one around 9 am. Both times she dropped pretty fast, and was into the high 50s when they got the O2 back on her one time.

The Dr was surprised that she was still dropping as far as she is, as fast as she is since her lungs sound pretty clear. She called Cardio to come check her out, and he said he doesn't see or hear anything that would indicate any major changes in her heart. Today was supposed to be Claire's two month cardiac follow up appt, and since we missed this they are going to echo her tomorrow. Her Dr also mentioned that if Cardio doesn't find anything they may do a sleep study on her to see if she has any apnea, even though the monitor isn't indicating any at this point.

So, basically what it boils down to at this point is that Claire is just slow to recover...


  1. Thinking of you and Claire... and those smiles. I live for those smiles.

  2. I was just thinking of you wondering if you were home sorry to hear you're not. I am coming up Monday. If you are still there I would love to come by and see you. I'll keep checking the blog and I'll get ahold of you Sunday. Love you all!!


  3. so sorry to hear that you and Claire are still at the hospital! i hope they can figure something out from her heart echo and/or her sleep study!!!!!!!!! thinking of you!!!

  4. I was also wondering how Claire was doing. Sorry to hear that she is still struggling. Before long though, you'll be back home. Keep the faith and give her a kiss from us.


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