Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 Month Appt and Back to Work

Clarie had her 2 month well baby appt yesterday. I was a little concerned about how much she's been eating lately (not too much), but her weight gain proved I shouldn't worry so much. She is up to 9 lbs, 2 oz and gained 6 oz in a week, which is right on track. She had her first set of vaccines yesterday, and seemed to tolerate them well. I did decide to go with a delayed schedule, so she only got 2 yesterday instead of the standard 4.

I think Claire is officially over the RSV. She is back to her smiling, feisty self and off the oxygen! It's so nice not to have to work around tubes anymore. We've still had her on the monitor for the past few nights, but I think we can probably stop doing that too.

I'm at work today and kind of consider this my first day back. I worked a full day last Friday, but Darren kept Claire. Today is the first day that I've ever left her with anyone besides him. Mimi (my mom) is on spring break and is hanging out with baby girl today and tomorrow. I know they will have a great time together, but I am already watching the clock trying to decide if enough time has passed that I can call and check on them...

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  1. And did we have a great time!! I spent many hours holding, smiling, kissing, and just loving my precious Claire. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. My heart and love goes out to each of you parents blessed with a child as perfect as Claire!
    Love, Mimi


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