Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the Hospital

5 weeks after Claire was discharged after being born she is back in the hospital with RSV. We had been so careful with keeping her away from sick people, washing and sanitizing hands, and yet she still got sick. I got a cough on Thursday, Claire had it by Saturday and by Monday (yesterday) she was back in the hospital.

We took her in to her Drs office yesterday and when they initially checked her O2 level it was in the 70s. They of course didn't like that and shipped her over to the ER. Her sats came up to the low 90s with O2, but by this time they had called for a transport crew to send her back to Denver. Our small hospital doesn't have the cardiology support, should she need it, so I was fine with sending her to Denver, but I thought a helicopter transport was a bit excessive. I was able to ride with her in the helicopter, which was cool, but I still wish we weren't back in the hospital.

She has had her cough for 4 days now and the pediatrician said day 5 of RSV is usually the worse. The Dr wants to get her out of the hospital asap so she doesn't catch anything else, but she must be able to keep her O2 above 80 on room air. If she can do this, they will send her home on oxygen. We did a quick test while she was sleeping this morning to see how she was doing, and without the O2 she was below 80 within about a minute.

I think she will be in the hospital for a couple more days at least, but I'm still hopeful that we may be home by the end of the week!


  1. so sorry to hear claire is in the hospital - i hope her cough goes away soon and her o2 levels will be well above 80 on room air as soon as possible!!!!!!

  2. I'm reading your archives. Old news to you, but new to me! My tiny babe (under four pounds) was hospitalized with RSV when she was three weeks old. Terrifying!

    She's the one I blogged about today though -- now a very healthy 13 years old. :-)


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