Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Day at Daycare

Today is Claire's first day with her new babysitter.  I've been back to work for 5 or 6 days, but Claire has always stayed with Darren or Mimi, and today will be completely different for her.  She'll be with a new person, in a new house, with another baby around, and I have no doubt she'll be fine.  It's me that's going to worry!

Our babysitter, Sharon,  is wonderful.  She's an older lady and she has tons of experience, both with her own kids, grand kids and all the other babies she's watched.  She only watches one other baby, so she should have lots of time to spend with both of them.  I am very comfortable with her, but I really hate leaving Claire. 

One thing I am very excited about is Sharon's willingness to learn about DS.  Sharon is very good friends with our neighbor (who was a nurse), and she has been educating her and answering her questions.  I brought a copy of Babies with Down Syndrome to her today, and she was excited to have some reliable information to read.  I also told her to ask me anything at all, and I would share with her what I know, or find an answer for her.  I'm hoping she takes me up on this, and we can learn together!

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  1. Good luck mommy, "YOU" will be fine!! You have such a great attitude:) Claire is one lucky girl!! Did I mention beautiful, too??!! I love that your daycare provider is so willing to learn about Claire (and Ds)......just makes things easier on the heart:) Glad you found such a warm and loving caregiver!! Oh my, is Miss Claire getting big:)


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