Friday, September 7, 2012

Half a Year {All about B}

Today is Bridget's half birthday.  She is changing so fast.  Two weeks ago her tricks pretty much included rolling over.  Now she is sitting on her own, starting to get her knees under her and she has 4(!!!) teeth coming in.

Even with the mega teething, she has been just as sweet as ever, though she hasn't been eating quite as well as usual.  Not that I can blame her.  Her mouth has got to be a bit sore.  We've started a few solid foods, but we are pretty much in the exploring stage, not the eating stage.  I'm still so in love with nursing, and am glad to have that quiet time with Bridget.  Unfortunately, it brings out some crabby behavior in Claire, and I'm trying to help her feel included too.

Bridget is still getting up at least once a night.  Once a night is doable.  Two or three times really starts to wear on me the next day.  Claire will move to her big girl bed next week (eek!!) and the crib will be available, but I don't see Bridget moving down stairs any time soon.  I'm not willing to do stairs in the middle of the night to feed her.

I love to watch the sister bond develop between my girls.  They adore each other.  Claire loves to entertain Bridget by dancing around and acting silly.  Bridget will just laugh and laugh, which she hardly does for anyone else.

All of these awesome pictures were taken by my friend Erin. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, get in touch with her. Trust me, you want her to take some photos for you!


  1. Amazing pictures :)...Happy 6 months Bridget!

  2. She's so sweet Melissa and such a beauty (just like Claire), I loved meeting her! Thanks so much!

  3. What lovely photos. It is hard to believe 1/2 of a year has passed. I love all but especially the one of both girls - so special.


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