Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{big sigh}


Claire's first day of her new daycare yesterday went very well.

I was so nervous about how she would do.  While Claire seemed good when I dropped her off, the staff seemed a little overwhelmed with all her exploring.  She was apparently all over the place for about an hour, but then she settled in a just played.

After nursing Bridget around lunch I drove by the daycare hoping the kids were playing outside.  Everyone was just heading out so I turned around, parked, and just watched her play for about fifteen minutes. She played in the sand box for quite a while, and then wandered over by the building to talk with the teacher and some other kids who were sitting in the shade.  And with a big sigh of relief I felt so much better.  She was good.  No tears, no problems, just doing her thing.

I got a call about an hour later that they were having a hard time getting her down for a nap, but that was the only complication of the whole day.  She played, she ate decently, she finally napped some.  And no biting! I'm almost excited for tomorrow!


  1. Yeah! So happy for all of u! Sometimes the change of environment is all that is needed! Have a happy day! Smiles

  2. WooHoo!!! Sounds like a GREAT day! I hope today and all of the other days are just as wonderful!

  3. Hope tomorrow goes just as good! And yaay for no biting :)


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