Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Buddy Walk

Two weekends ago was the first of the two Down syndrome walks we do every year.  We've met so  many friends around Colorado Springs that we drive down there every year for the Buddy Walk and to visit them.

This was the first year that Darren was able to join us for the walk so we headed down and day early and went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Even though I've lived in Colorado my entire life, I'd never been to the zoo, and taking the girls was good excuse to go.  The weather was perfect, and the zoo was fairly empty so we gave in to Claire and let her out of the stroller.  She was pretty much uninterested in the animals, but she had a great time walking around the zoo for over two hours.

Claire did stop and pet the wallabys too, but I couldn't get a good picture.

I loved this big guy.  He sat in the window and hooted.  Claire couldn't get enough of him.

This baby was only a few months old.

This giraffe wasn't nearly that close to Claire's hair.  She was being a bit of a drama queen.

Nursing momma.  :)

Bridget loved our new stroller and I did too!  It fits both girls great and fits through doorways. 

Before we left we went to say goodbye to the giraffes and give them a little treat.  I wasn't sure what Claire would think of them getting so close to her, but she loved it.  Each time we ran out of lettuce she signed more.  After the third bunch of lettuce we called it quits and went to find dinner.

I'd kind of forgotten it was Friday night, and the restaurant was slower than I would have liked.  Claire was hungry, but by the time food came she was so crabby all she would eat was fries.  We piled everybody back into the car and drove to the motel with two very tired girls crying all the way.  Claire took a quick bath, and since I knew she was exhausted I figured she would lay down and go to sleep easily.  I was soooo wrong.  She tossed and turned and talked for over an hour.

The next morning we got up and headed to the Buddy Walk.  We met up with old friends and got to meet some online friends in person for the first time!  The weather was wonderful for the walk.  The last couple of years have been HOT and this time it was warm, but still comfortable.

After the walk we met another friend and her kids at a park to run some of Claire's energy out of her.  Our girls are only about a week apart in age and it had been two years since we seen them last.  The girls had so much fun playing together and I wish we lived closer!

We ended our very busy weekend with a photo shoot with Erin.  I shared some of Bridget's six month photos already, but wanted to include a few more of Claire too!


  1. Oh, those photos at the end are GORGEOUS!!! And that zoo looks pretty amazing - how fun to get so close to the animals! Cracking up at the giraffe munching on Claire's head. :-)

  2. Wasn't that nursing momma so cool? We saw her nurse her baby was so heart warming. Love the zoo here. Thanks again for the shout out ;)

  3. I can't believe how many giraffes were in one pen! lol...Loved the drama queen picture, who would want a giraffe touching their hair! haha

    Erin's pictures are always so lovely :)

  4. Love love love the pics of Claire! :) I wish we lived closer too!


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