Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Disability Blog Hop: Cheese!

Intro from With A Little Moxie (because I didn't take the time to write my own):  Welcome to the Summer Disability Blog Hop hosted by With a Little Moxie - this is a hop for bloggers who are advocates, people with disabilities and/or have a connection with disability through blogging. That includes Down syndrome bloggers, Deaf bloggers, blind bloggers, bloggers without a disability but who have a loved one with a disability. Bloggers with all and every type of physical/mental disability. It also includes bloggers who don't blog on disability/special needs but would like to write or include a post that has a disability connection.

One of my favorite things about Down syndrome is the fabulous community of people that I've met, both online and in person, because of Claire.  This blog hop is one more way to build community.  Every week there is a topic.  Post on the topic, or whatever you want to talk about. Visit the others blogs, meet some new people, leave a quick comment.

Today's prompt is Cheese!  Share some photos that have a connection with disability.

Okay, I've been a terribly lazy blogger these days, but photos I can do.  We actually just got Bridget's three month photos done this weekend, and with that we *attempted* to get some pictures of the girls together and some of Claire by herself. 

Unfortunately, it was really close to nap time, and there was a lot of this...

And a few extras

signing water

what do you have in your sensory box?



  1. Awww, the one of the two of them together is soooo sweet! And I know that need-a-nap-time look all too well. :-)

  2. So cute! Looks like our photo attempts with Arina lately! I love how they have the same little button nose, its soo cute!

  3. You have such beautiful girls Melissa :)

  4. Aw, that first one of Claire is so precious! (Well, they all are, especially that last one of them both!)

  5. Oh that first picture is just precious! She's such a beautiful girl!


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