Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Heart Day Claire!

Today is the two year anniversary of Claire's heart surgery.  For the second year in a row we celebrated with a BBQ and friends.  The weather was in the 90's yesterday, so we got the slides, outdoors toys and water table out and turned the kids loose.  It wasn't long before a couple of them were absolutely soaked.

We chatted and played until it was dark and some of the kids wanted to go home.  You know it was a good time when a three year old asks to stop playing!

Happy Heart Day beautiful girl!!


  1. What a wonderful idea to celebrate this! It looks like Claire was doing it up in style. She is such a big girl.

  2. Happy Heart Day, Claire!!!!!!! Better than birthdays!

  3. Happy Heart Day ChiCa!! Claire has gotten so BIG!! yeah healthy hearts! smiles

  4. Sorry I missed this earlier! Happy heart day sweet girl. So glad you are here to bring more sunshine to the world. xoxo


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