Monday, July 2, 2012

Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks Claire and I took parent and child swim lessons.  I use the term lesson *very* loosely though.  Claire, at 2 1/2, was the oldest child in the class, and really the goal was to get the kids comfortable in the water.  The pool was almost empty except for our class of 4, and that was wonderful.  But even keeping the age of the kids in mind, I would have liked a bit more instruction.  Literally, the advice from the teachers consisted of..."try to put them into a front try a back they can jump in off the side of the pool."

Claire had a blast in the water, and by the middle of the second week she was happily "jumping" in the pool and going underwater.  The first couple of times we tried this she coughed and spluttered, but by the end of that lesson she would come up smiling, laughing and clapping.

distracted by shoes

Our pool has a great sloping entry.  Claire would walk in until the water was almost touching her chin

watching her friend jump in

getting ready to jump

all done
The timing on the swimming lessons was perfect.  The girls and I are going on vacation in about ten days and my aunt has a pool.  I bet Claire spends a lot of time in the water!


  1. So fun! We start parent / child lessons next Monday and Landon goes in with a teacher by himself. Sutter LOVES the pool and swimming so hopefully he'll learn enough to move to the next level of lessons before the summer is over!

    Have on your vacation - I'm sure Claire will be a little fish after being in a pool all week!

  2. I am SO impressed! I'm terrified of letting Sammi go underwater at all - she coughs and sputters all the time when she accidently gets her face too close to the water. You promise she'll get used to it?? LOL

  3. How great that she enjoyed this experience, although I'm with you that the "instruction" if you could call it that needs to be improved.

  4. I'm so glad it was a good experience! My daughter learned pretty early, but my son didn't want ANY PART of swimming until he was like 3 or 4. He was the last to learn to ride a bike too. Every kid has their own schedule. You will have so much fun on your vacation!


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