Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 Months

How in the world did Bridget get to be 3 months old already?!?  I've heard it said that the days may go by slowly, but that the months and years fly.  So true!

Bridget is such a happy and easy baby.  We've gotten past the initial hatred of tummy time, and she will tolerate it for longer and longer.  She isn't rolling yet, but I'm quite okay with that.  I like knowing she will still be in the same place if I walk away for a few moments.  Head control is still a work in process, but the stability is winning out over the bobble headed.  It won't be long before we break out the bumbo!

Bridget is cooing and talking all the time.  Not to be left out, Claire will often mimic Bridget, and with both of them hollering they make quite a racket.  Claire is absolutely in love with her sister.  We still are struggling with hitting and biting, both with Bridget and others, but Claire seems able to turn the 'almost' bites into kisses if you constantly remind her.  Progress, I hope!


  1. LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS EYES!!! Holy cow. I hope things are getting better for you, juggling two kids and having the patience (or lack thereof, which was always my case). It will get easier. Well, let me qualify that. Every stage has its challenges but the frustrations that you have now won't be the ones you will have in a year! Hang in there!

  2. Such amazing blue eyes!! What a little cutie :)

  3. Bridget's eyes are stunning. (3) months wow.

  4. Your family is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and being so honest on your blog.You mention the Bumbo; I recently had a friend do a FB post on the recent issues with that seat. I am not usually really hyper about those issues because practically all items/toys could come under fire(so to speak). I used a Bumbo a little bit with my 3rd, but if I had another infant, I would reconsider. Apparently, multiple skull injuries have happened. I am sure you can look it up to make own choice; I just figured I would make a comment (no judgment here). There is apparently already a warning for no elevated "Bumbo Seats", but clearly that is a big risk (as the baby is not strapped).

    Enjoy your family! The toddler/baby phase is a hectic time- no doubt about it.


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