Friday, January 6, 2012

Seven Snippets Fridays, #2

--- 1 ---

In case you missed it....Claire is WALKING!!  In other milestone news, she reached another one this week that I am *almost* as excited about.  She can nod her head.  Sounds crazy, I know, but I have been working with her on this FOREVER.  And, it's the cutest nod too.  Very deliberate and even used appropriately a couple of times, though mostly mimicked.

--- 2 ---

Target featured an adorable little boy with something extra in an ad recently. What I love about this is that Target didn't make a big deal out of it.  They didn't expect praise for including this little boy, they just did it.  Actually, our Ds community has more more to say about the ad than Target does.

ETA:  The media has taken this story and run with it, and that, unfortunately puts a damper on my excitement a bit.  It was one thing when parents were pointing out the ad, but all the media attention put a spotlight back on the differences of Down syndrome, when the beauty of the ad was in having those differences not mentioned.

--- 3 ---

Thanks to my mom (love you mom!) I realized I do look pregnant this week.  Mom told me I was looking very pregnant, and I kept disagreeing with her.  Then, a couple of days ago I saw my reflection in the kitchen window, and thought "holy cow, you're huge"!  Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but I do hope to avoid the comments about how huge I am as I've still got two months left.  Hopefully it was just the shirt I was wearing....

--- 4 ---

Claire will be 2 next Friday.  How in the world is she 2 already??

--- 5 ---

One year ago...

--- 6 ---

Our winters are DRY.  Claire's lips are constantly chapped and cracked.  I'm trying to keep them covered in  chapstick and aquaphor, but it doesn't seem to be helping much as missy is always chewing on something.  (She's getting her 2 year molars).  If anyone has some other suggestions, I've love to hear them.

--- 7 ---

When I was pregnant with Claire, I had issues with preeclampsia right at the end.  My blood pressure is already starting to go up this time around.  I'm hoping for a VBAC, and really need it to stay down, as the doctors won't induce on a VBAC due to risk of rupture.  I have another Dr appt on Monday, and hope my blood pressure stayed the same or has gone down!

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  1. I really like this meme. It is like a Sunday Salon on Friday! You know how humid it is in Florida, and we have chapped lips right now. My son is particularly bad...I think he just licks his lips all the time. I have no good solution except just to slather them with medicated lip balm.

    Yay for Claire! She is growing up.

  2. Sweet Claire.. you little walker and little sweetie pie. And you Melissa, Coming into he home stretch before long and looking so darling. I know, I saw the Christmas card.

    Hoping for a smooth, uneventful ending to this pregnancy and the VBAC you were hoping for.

    Love from California.

  3. It gets really dry in the winter where we live so I keep a humidifier in the bedroom mostly on at night but sometimes I leave it on all day. It seems to help when the kids sleep. I'm not sure if it would help with her lips but you could give it a try. And I know this may sound a little gross but the Lansinoh ointment I have used for lips before. It seems to stay on longer than the Aquaphor.

  4. I'm going to second the humidifier and the Lansinoh (I even put it on Sutter's cheeks when he sleeps...but I'll warn you it will stain the sheets!).

  5. We're a Chapstick and Aquaphor family, too. Well, more specifically, Samantha is a Chapstick and Aquaphor girl. :-) Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and to plan!!

    Wow, she's almost 2 already?? Whew!

  6. When I get really bad chapped lips, I put a little neosporin on my lips when I go to bed. It's so thick that it stays on and it helps heal those little cracks. I wouldn't want her to eat it, so I don't think I'd try it during hte day or if you find that she chews her lips at night, but you know... Good luck with the VBAC; I so wish that Addy would have cooperated and I'd have gotten to do it, but whatever. I'll be rooting you on! :)

  7. Dang that blood pressure! I didn't know she was that much younger than Arina. I guess its just a few months. Now that Arina is walking, she is trying to dance! Love it, be still my heart!

  8. Jesenia's lips are the same! I keep putting stuff on usually right when she goes to sleep but it doesn't seem to be helping. Only on her top lip too.

    And Jesenia is right after Claire! 8 days! I can't believe it either!

  9. Walking?! Yaaaay! Go Claire!!! Do you have any tips for Miss Josie? She's perfectly content on all fours. Help!

  10. First off, yay on walking! Lucas also has badly cracked lips in THREE spots. I feel so terrible for him. We use a humidifier and chapstick all day long to no avail! Also I don't know if this will help for sure because I'm not a doctor but for my cousin who started to get high BP she started eating Greek yogurt and hard boiled eggs everyday and I guess the higher protein helped lower it. It's worth a try, can't hurt right? I can't believe you only have two months, it's coming up so soon!


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