Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!


How in the world is my baby two already?!?!

4 days old

It seems like just yesterday we were wondering exactly how Down syndrome was going to change our lives, and today Down syndrome hardly enters into our daily thoughts.  We love, work, play and celebrate just like every other family.

12 days old....going home from the hospital

Some parts of our lives may be slower, but others are just as busy and hectic as anyone else's.  In other words, normal.

3 months


8 months

And the more ordinary days, months and years we have, the more I know that no matter what struggles and challenges Down syndrome throws at us, we can handle it.  I love that Down syndrome isn't our focus anymore.

14 months

Claire is.

Happy Birthday my sweet Claire


  1. Happy, happy birthday beautiful girl!!!! I love that you said that Down syndrome isn't the primary focus anymore. So, so true. :-)

    Btw, Sammi has that same pink sweater that Claire's wearing in the last 2 pics...

  2. Happy birthday Claire! She has always had the best hair!

  3. Happy birthday sweet, beautiful, amazing, soon to be a big sister Claire!! May your day be filled with joy and laughter and hugs and kisses. Both of which are flying your way from California!!

  4. TWO Already!!!
    Happy birthday beautiful girl!!!

    Lots of hugs from all of us here in RI!!

  5. Happy Birthday Claire. Oh how they grow. Love the pictures. They seem so big all of a sudden.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful post for a beautiful, beautiful girl. :)

  7. They grow up so fast! I would imagine that having two kids will affect you more than having a Ds child. In a good way of course! I love all these pictures of Claire, but my favorite is the 14 month one, with the light shining through her hair.

  8. Hope Claire had a great Birthday!!! It sure is neat to scroll through this post and see pictures of her from day one until now. She is such a beauty!

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Claire! You are so lovely and one of these days we are going to get you and Jakey together.


  10. Happy Happy birthday to Arina's sweet twin! She thinking mischievous thoughts for you!

  11. Welcome to the BIG 2!! Happy Birthday! smiles

  12. Hope she had a wonderful Birthday! She's such a little beauty!

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Claire!!! Love the 14 month old picture!!!


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