Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playdoh Fail

This weekend I was feeling inspired.  I had big plans of all of the new things Claire and I were going to try.  We were going to make a light table (got all the parts, just never got around to it), draw masterpieces (which we did.  And did you know that if you stick a marker up your nose you will have colorful boogers the next day?), and were going to have a fabulous playdoh playtime.

I used the recipe from Pudge and Biggs.  It was easy and quick.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting Claire to really get cutting out the shapes or rolling snakes, but I thought she might enjoy sticking her hands or other toys into it.


She was only interested in eating it.

Okay, I'll give her a bit more credit than that.  Looking through the pictures she really did play with it some, but her priority was shoving as much into her mouth as fast as she could.

After that last blocked bite, our playtime ended with a spectacular meltdown. 


Thank you for all of your congratulations and questions about how I'm feeling.  I was blessed not to have morning sickness with Claire, and have been just as lucky this time around.  That's not to say I didn't have days where I feel blah, but those seem to be pretty much over.  My fatigue is better too, but there are days I'm still taking advantage of Claire's naps and grabbing a little shut eye too. 


  1. gotta love the nap time when you are growing a little person!! I love the playdough pix!! I make all my own playdough so if Maddie eats it - it is not as bad! maybe!! I ate playdough when I was that age...I tried again..not so great!! I have some great recipes if you ever want them!! smiles

  2. poor claire, looks like she and Lily would get along great these days ;)

  3. not sure how I missed the announcement....CONGRATS! SO excited for you!

  4. Oh poor little her defense playdough does smell incredibly yummy...and if I remember it correctly it tastes pretty good too.


  5. Wow, that playdough looks fantastic!!! Great job! More than I wanted to know about the boogers, though...

    Glad you're feeling well!!

  6. Haven't tried play-doe yet with Russell for this very reason! lol

  7. We used Play-Doh in our ABA therapy for sensory issues. She wanted to eat it of course. It is nontoxic so just do not be alarmed if you seem some funky colors in the diaper!

  8. That play-do does look yummy ;) Maybe next time she'll want to play with it?

    Glad you are feeling well!

  9. OK, I think Claire and Arina have the same wardrobe, because they are always dressed the same! That last pic is just plain pitiful! Poor baby!


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