Saturday, July 9, 2011


Claire and Darren left bright and early for the farm today.  Which means I'm on my own...all weekend!

And today I've learned that my attention span is now as brief as my daughters.

This morning I had big plans.  I was going to clean out the kitchen drawers.  They are dirty from the new cabinets going in.  I was going to clean out the hutch in the dining room.  I was going to have all the laundry folded and put away, and have the grocery shopping done.  And once all of the projects were done, I was going to have a little ME time.  Catch up on blog posts, check in on facebook, maybe watch some TV and of course, read.

So far, I've done one load of laundry and one load of dishes.  I have one kitchen cabinet, no drawers, cleaned out.  I did manage to clean out the spice cabinet.  Some of those bottles haven't been used since we moved in to this house and it was time for a purge.  I ran a few errands.  And in between all those small projects I went to some garage sales, watched the House season finale, finished a book and started another one, and worked on getting some Uppercase Living projects put up in the house.

All in all, a fairly unproductive day.  If I'd been able to stay focused on one thing for more than thirty minutes I think I would have gotten a lot more done.... 

Oh well, there's always tomorrow for all my big plans!


  1. I do the same thing when I get any time to myself. There are so many things I want to do that I can't ever decide where to start, and actually focusing on any one thing for more than 15 min. just doesn't feel right, since it has been almost 3 years since my brain has been able to do that!

  2. Hi there! It is me, your longest commenter ever :) You were much more productive than me. While Ellie napped, I napped. The whole time. Love the Family stencil on the wall :)

  3. that sounds all too familiar! Some days are really bad. But it sounds like you at least put a dent in your to do list. it's summer, don't overload yourself, it'll all get done in time

  4. I'll just repeat myself after commenting over at Carrie's. I can't even conceive having time to myself. My husband will be home for 3 weeks while I am in Indiana with the kids. Serious fantasy stuff there. Being semi-productive is your luxury though. (That picture of Claire is adorable!)

  5. keep chill'n!! 'U' time is much more important those stink'n cabinets!! enjoy your Sunday...and Claire can help when she gets back!! smiles

  6. Blogger is dumb and wouldn't even let me comment back to you on my own blog post! So, I'll just comment over here on yours. :)

    I never get anything done at my house. I do dishes and leave them in the drainer. I don't have a dryer so I'm really slow at doing laundry, especially towels and sheets.

    I'm not sure about the Buddy Walk this year. I sent Erin a message on FB because I wasn't sure if they were doing it or not since it right around her due date. I don't have vacation that day and since I'm taking a few days in the middle of August I don't have any extra time to take on that day. I did notice that the Step Up for Down syndrome walk is the last Sunday in September or the next to the last Sunday and I switch to Saturdays/Sundays off then and was thinking of going to that one if ya'll were.

  7. I will tell you what my hsuband tells me when I feel like I haven't accpomlished all I set out to do. "Don't sweat it. It will be waiting for you tomorrow". Isn't he just the sweetest ever?:)


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