Thursday, July 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

This post is going to be a bit of a mishmash...sorry, that's what happens when I don't get around to posting like I want to.


Last week I took Claire to her 1 month ENT follow up on her tubes.  We met with Audiology first.  The audiologist said she didn't do well with her booth test.  When we had the booth test done at Children's they had 2 people. One to do this noises, and one to redirect her attention in between.  This time there was just the noises person.  I tried to focus Claire forward in between, but don't think I was very successful.

After the booth test the audiologist asked how severe Claire's trisomy was.  I know most of you understand how frustrating this question is.  I gave my usual blurb, but the audiologist just wanted to know how delayed she was, so that she could see if her responses were what they should be.  I know what she was getting at, but still...

If you watched Claire during the test, you could tell she was distracted.  The noises weren't catching her attention.  She was MUCH more interested by the dog.  She was saying and signing 'dog' even when the dog wasn't barking.  I know this had an effect on the test.

The audiologist finally decided to do a different test.  The right ear passed easily, but the left didn't.  She finally came to the conclusion that the left tube must be blocked.  The ENT confirmed this, and we are back to using drops (when I remember...).  The left ear was the one with all the gunk in it, so I'm hoping the drops clear up the blockage soon.

The frustrating thing with the blockage, on top of Claire still not hearing clearly, is that this means another 4 hour round trip drive to the ENT for a 10 minute appointment...


I don't use the word 'hate' lightly, but I have hated our kitchen counters since we moved in, over 5 years ago. 

The orange and green tiles are not pretty.  They are rounded, rustic tiles and because of this the counter tops aren't flat.  The people who put them in decided they didn't want to mess with cutting tiles, so the grout lines are THICK and are constantly stained.

Day 0

Right now, my kitchen is torn apart (it's really inconvenient not to have a kitchen sink!).  The counter tops went in yesterday, and the back splash went in today.

Day 1

 Day 2

Day 3

By tomorrow, my kitchen will be done!  (except I think I might want to sand and re-stain the cabinet doors)


Claire seems to have hit a bit of a wall with walking progress.  I think I've been a bit spoiled with her and gross motor stuff in the past, and now I'm feeling frustrated.  Sitting, crawling, pulling to stand and walking with support all came pretty easily.  Yes, we practiced, but those were things she wanted to do, and she worked hard to make them happen. 

I don't mean to say she isn't working hard now, but I don't think she sees the point in walking.  She likes it when it's on her terms.  She'll grab her walker and take off, but if I ask her to walk with me, it's about a 50/50 chance that she'll cooperate or melt down.  Crawling is easy and fast, so why bother walking? Our PT is pleased with her progress, but I feel like we've been stuck at the same place for months.  I really thought once she got her legs under her and started cruising and walking with support that independent steps would easily follow, and they just haven't.  I know she'll get there, but I'm ready to feel like she is doing things with me, instead of me always doing things for her, and I think walking would help with that.


Claire discovered her tip toes (even though she's not using them here) and things that used to be out of reach are now in also allows her to get a little closer to Rachel while she watches Signing Time.  :)


Claire is in love with the girl in the dish washer.  I've given up trying to keep the finger prints washed off.


  1. Claire Bear pictures! I was just thinking it has been too long and I needed me some Claire pics!

    Ent: Ellie NEVER EVER cooperates. I ask that they do not use the animals but just call her name. That way she doesn't even know the animals are there.

    Drops: what are you using? Back in my ENT NP days, we recommend straight up Hydrogen Peroxide--do NOT cut it with water for it takes longer to do the job according to studies (5 drops twice a day --I am bad and usually forget so it is once a day) for a few days (ie 3-5). Draw it up in a small syringe or dropper and there you go.

    Kitchen: Melissa, I just do not understand your dislike for the orange and green tiles. Really, it is just gaudy beyond all get out. Loving the progress you are making!

    Walking: Talk to Penny. Wyatt is being a stinker too. Why walk when crawling is so much faster? Signing time!

    While you may leave lots of comments (which I love!) I get the prize for the longest :o) Kiss that sweet girl for me.

  2. First off, boo on that audiologist...some people. UGH. Sorry for the drive and now having to go back. I'd be BONKERS but that is me, I am the worst road trip person I know (and I am praying for a 20 hour flight, go figure)...Bianca's little girl, Linden, walked at 3, and never looked back... Claire will get there..I know your momma heart wants it to be now... and the kitchen counters...WHOA... but I love the new ones...Stylin, girlfriend, you.are.stylin!! love you, Renee

  3. I have little patience with doctor appointments, so I'm impressed that you sound so calm. Even though I wasn't there, it sure sounds like this audiologist wasn't on top of their game perhaps? Which isn't fair to you. Claire is so cute! I love that she has discovered her reflection!

    SO excited for you and the new kitchen. That is good for the soul, I tell you. But it is a slippery slope. Fix one thing, and pretty soon you're doing the whole house! Haha

  4. If the girl in the dishwasher was that cute...

    I'd be in love too :)

    Brooke Annessa

  5. Bummer about her tube getting clogged and about the drive. And honestly I don't think those hearing tests are all that accurate, too distracting for such a young child.

    Love the new counters and backsplash, such a small change but a huge difference.

    And as far as walking goes, Luc hit a stand still too. He took his first independent steps at 18 months and didn't start walking full time until 21 months. And at one point he wouldn't even try to take steps. It was frustrating then one day he just did it. When Claire is ready she will do it and it'll knock your socks off ;)

  6. Melissa,

    I think you should mention what the audiologist said next time you see Dr. Hickey. You'll love his reaction and he'll probably ask you her name and give the office a call. He can't stand those kind of inane questions in the medical field and doesn't mind letting them know!!

    I get what you are saying about walking. Kate and Claire must be very similar in their development. I have come to realize unlike her brothers development is broken down at every element. We are witnessing development like watching a slowed down time elapsed film. The boys were so seamless and often the transitions and all the effort it really takes to make them went unnoticed. Kate was were Claire was about 5 weeks ago now she is taking independent steps 7-10 steps at a time but this started by week one standing up in the middle of floor all by herself, then wk 2 taking 1.5- 2 steps and so on..... now she prefers to be vertical most of the time by cruising, taking independent steps, falling, standing taking a few more. Where she preferred crawling she has a renewed determination to walk. She has always loved and had good weight bearing through her legs. She is also big which I feel is a disadvantage, my "bigger" boys always walked later. I too thought once she was standing on he own in the middle of the room we would be truly walking soon but.... we aren't there YET.

    Claire is doing awesome!!

  7. bum deal on the ear tubes...I am not a fan of 4 hour drives for 10 min with the I am so feeling ya...I have asked to do phone appt or email discussions...the doctors were not enthused! Maddie stalled in walking also and still does...she walks all of the time...but sits every 10 steps or so...tip toes can be funny..I always think I push things far enough away and then Maddie will pull down a plate off the your counter tops...I would go crazy without a kitchen and it seems I always need the kitchen more if it is off limits...smiles

  8. I'm in love with the girl in the dish washer too!

  9. We have long drives for all our appointments too, it sucks! And to be honest I really dont think the hearing tests can be accurate at this young age. Whenever we do Russell he is way more interested in the toys the person is putting in front of him than responding to whatever sounds he is suppose to be hearing. Plus in a house with six kids, Russell doesnt turn and look at every sound made...So I am not relying on our test results to much. I know Russell can hear!
    I was secretly hoping once Russell started cruising he would start taking steps on his own...But nope, not interested, not ready yet. I honestly dont expect him to try steps on his own till next spring sometime...I am just hoping by next summer he will be walking because he is getting REALLY heavy to pack around!! Its hard waiting for it, but it will happen.
    Claire is such a sweetheart :)

  10. I understand all to well the runnig into the brick wall. Tily is a bit behind in her motor skills. We are still working on the whole belly off the ground and trying to get her to not do the frog legs thing is quite the challenge. I love that you get new counter tops. WOW! someone had bad taste. I love the girl in the dishwasher. Good luck with the ENT. I hope all goes well.

  11. Love the new kitchen counters and back splash!!! What a huge difference!

    Baby in the dishwasher, baby in the oven, baby in the mirror, baby in the toilet paper holder...just about every surface in my house is cover in finger prints from Sutter talking to the "baby"! LOL

    Sorry about the blocked tubes and long drive I just can't imagine! With any luck she'll pass the next test with flying colors and it will be one less thing to deal with in the future!

  12. Love the new countertops...especially the backsplash. It makes a huge difference.
    Sorry you had to drive so far for such a short appointment.
    I understand that the developmental lull is frustrating..and least she is signing. Still trying to get Addison to do one blessed sign. So. Frustrating.

  13. Hi friend.....sounds like Wyatt and Claire are "walking" (or not walking) the same path! UGH!!!!! So frustrating. ENT stuff...I also feel your pain. Audiologists are not really "people people" here, so I am often frustrated with their attempts at hearing tests. Wish we lived closer....we have so much in common!!! Love and hugs! Kiss Claire for Wyatt!!!


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