Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm always proud of my girl and all of her accomplishments, but this week, so many things are just clicking for her. 

I got her a weeble tree house this week.  There is a conveyor with a crank to get the weebles to the top of the slide.  She had the crank figured out in minutes with minimal hand over hand instruction.  Even though she can work the crank, she tends to get impatient before they make it to the top, and they usually end up placed on thrown toward the slide.

Claire has been walking with two handed support for months.  We've tried one handed, but she's always turned and looked for that second hand.  We had PT last week and got her walking with just one handed support, and now just a few days later she doesn't even need to feel your legs behind her to feel comfortable.  She's not completely stable with one hand, but I think we'll have independent steps soon!

But even more exciting than the stepping, is all of the signs that have been pouring out of Claire.  She has a few that she uses spontaneously and appropriately (milk, dad, all done, dog, eat) and some that she uses with prompting (more, baby) but this week she has been mimicking so many more.  We've seen hat, cracker, nice (she's been seeing this one a lot as she's in a hitting/scratching/rough phase), water, all gone, sleep.  I'm sure there are more she's using too, and we are either missing them, or we aren't understanding her approximations.  I'm excited for the burst in communication as she has been getting frustrated lately when we don't understand what she's asking for.

These pictures don't really have anything to do with this post, but I've been meaning to post about Bear's buggy for almost a year....Darren claims this buggy is Claire's, but I think she was just a convenient excuse to get it.


  1. Sounds like walking will be coming in no time!!! I'm loving all the signs at our house too! It's like all of a sudden Sutter realizes there is a purpose to them and that he gets what he wants when he signs! YAY for communication! We are also going through a "rough" phase too only Sutter's go to is pinching...HARD! He's knows it's naughty but he just can't help himself!

    Love the pictures, I can't believe how big she's getting!!!

  2. Haha! Oh that buggy is SO Claire's! I'm so proud of her accomplishments. It must be so much fun and rewarding to see her flourish like this!

  3. Oh, communication is such a wonderful thing, isn't it!!!?? It's amazing how much *easier* things get once they can tell you what they want. Great job, Claire!!!

    Those pics in the buggy are soooo cute!!

  4. that buggy is cool!! she will be driving it in no time!!! yeah for Claire...walking, signing!! so BIG!! Happy Summer smiles

  5. Claire looks like a natural "driving" that thing. I love how her outfit is coordinated :-)

    Go Claire go! Come on over and teach Ellie some signs because I am not fluent in "Scream".

  6. Yay for one handed walking! We are there yet but Jesenia loves that push walker toy thing she has. She just laughs and and pushing it along. We are getting fitted for orthotics in two weeks. She rocks back on her heels quite a bit and when she's walking her feet turn out slightly.

    And the pics are adorable! Love Claire's outfit. :)

  7. That was just the dose of cuteness I needed!

    Brooke Annessa

  8. Ohh, weeble wobbles, I'll have to remember that for Arina for Christmas, she would love them!

  9. Such exciting things!! I really think this is the age where kids really start blossoming into little people!

  10. Since I know you are a book nerd, as am I, there is a book by John Medina called Brain Rules...I love it and it is on my bookshelf right now..he writes so much about how movement, physical movement, is linked to learning and even vocabulary's incredible... Love your girl and you so much.. so happy she is growing by leaps and bounds...move, Claire, move!!

  11. Lots of bursts and improved ASL, mimicking and initiating speech--keep going and guessing and watching for signs you aren't catching but they will keep coming!

    Just showing capabilities with walking more warms your hope, its no bother waiting after that it seems (some days!!). Walk with a hula hoop with her inside the circle OR a rolled towel wrapped around her. Hold her hips?


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