Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Starting in on presents

Discovering how delicious wrapping paper is

Excited to find there really is something under all that wrapping paper

and then distracted by more paper to chew on.

This one is just the right size!

And it's yummy too

Snuggling with the new toys

Playing with dad

Bows are the best crawling motivator ever!  I think I'm going to leave some out...

The Fam at my sis's house

Mimi and the girls

My niece Ali turned 1 a couple of days before Christmas so we also celebrated her first birthday


  1. I've found that wrapping paper and boxes are the most favored gifts for Lucas. Love the picture of her putting it in her mouth! So glad you guys had a nice Christmas.

  2. I remember Emma's first Xmas. It was all about the paper. And I also remember that after like the fiftieth present, she imploded. Love the pictures of your family...they are all beautiful!

  3. Hey,I am a Mimi too!!

    Claire looks happy and into Christmas just the the way a little love her age should be ... loving the paper most of all!!

    Zoey has the same seahorse... in blue and in pink.2 of her favorites!

    Wishing you a very Happy and joyous New Year Melissa!

  4. What great pictures Melissa!I just love this Blog since it allows me to "catch up" with pictures and anecdotes regarding you and your lovely family. I'm so glad you decided to invest your time into such a worthwhile way to document yours and Claire's escapades.
    I love you so!

  5. Happy Christmas!! looks like a wonderful day! I LOVE the pix with Claire holding the little blue fun!! Happy Healthy New Year..smiles

  6. Love all the photos of Claire and your family.

  7. Great pictures, looks like Claire LOVED the wrapping paper!! Happy New Year!!

  8. She has the cutest profile, with her little button nose! Arina was playing with the tag on her jumper, instead of the billion toys that were on there. Go figure!


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