Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Play Date and Buddy Walk

Last weekend was busy, but very fun!

On Friday Claire had an appointment for an Upper GI and a Swallow Study (more on this later).  After the appointment we headed to Colorado Springs for our very first Ds play day!  We got to meet Erin and Lucas, Stephanie and Faith, and Melissa and Jesenia.  After getting to know everybody on Facebook and through our blogs it was wonderful to actually meet in person.  And yes, every one's kids really are as cute in person as they are in pictures!!

Claire and Jesenia


Faith, Claire (with a handful of Jesenia's hair), and a happy (for now) Jesenia

Lucas, and hopefully the last blurry picture to be posted here as I just ordered a new camera!

Saturday Claire and I walked in our first Buddy Walk, as part of Lucas's team.  It was a beautiful day, though it was quite warm by the time the walk was over.  We walked three miles through beautiful Manitou Springs and had a wonderful time.  The atmosphere was friendly and fun, with strangers becoming friends as they walked and talked.

Heading out on the walk

My view during most of the walk


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw one picture of them kissing, and another of hair-pulling. Girls! They are so sweet. And nothing like a long walk to put a baby to sleep.

  2. I love the before/after hair pull though poor Jesenia had her hair pulled by everyone. We did have fun!

    BTW-What camera did you end up getting?

  3. How fun!!! For the parents and the kids. Love the kissing picture.

  4. Carter is standing here with me, and he is cracking up at the heading pictures with her crazy hair. He is like, she is soo cute!

  5. Fun FUn day!! the kiddos are sooo stinkin CuTE!!! smiles

  6. oh, what an armload of beautiful babies!!!! How lucky!

  7. I love the pictures of Claire and Jesenia together. They looks so cute together! I'll send you copies of the pics that I took soon. If I remember, I'll do it tomorrow.

  8. What cute pictures. Thats so exciting about the buddy walk. We have ours on Sept.11. I am really looking forward to it.It is so nice to connect with other families and get to know them in person.


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