Thursday, August 12, 2010

On The Move

For the last couple of weeks Claire has been doing lots of rolling.  She's been able to roll from her back to belly for months, and recently got the hang of going belly to back.  She's been practicing her new skills, flip flopping constantly, but primarily staying in one place.  Not anymore!

She's now discovered if you put multiple rolls together not only do you get to new places, but you can get to things you aren't supposed to play with.  Her rolls are usually only stopped by obstacles, like furniture.  She's also getting the hang of pivoting, so her rolls aren't in a straight line anymore.

This all means that first, I need to clean up my floor and second, that I can't just plop her on the floor and go to the kitchen.  Claire now has to come with me and either sit in the high chair, or the bouncer.  And she's not a fan of the bouncer as you can see by her outstretched 'rescue me' arm.


  1. Wow, congrats, Claire! Yes, now you have more of a challenge finding the right time to run to the bathroom, etc. I was lucky that Samantha LOVED her vibrating bouncy seat and would be content pretty much wherever it was. Your logistical dramas are only just beginning...!

  2. Yay Claire! That's awesome, sounds like she's a mover and not an observer.

  3. Great for her, hard for momma! I guess its a great way to get you motivated to keep your house clean.

  4. Goooo Claire. I must say you have quite the little explorer their, that is so awesome and encouraging! Before ya know it she will be running around :)

  5. Haha! There are days when I long for the days where they stay where I put them. She is such a busy little girl!


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