Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Update

  • Claire has been sleeping in her crib for about a week now, and she loves the extra room.  She moves around so much when she sleeps that I think she is sleeping better with the extra space as opposed to being squished in her bassinet.  Now I just need to find somewhere to store the bassinet to get it out of our room...Check out the bed head!

  • Solids are still going well...as long as we feed her something she likes.  Carrots and sweet potatoes are good, cereal is tolerated, and green beans are terrible according to Claire.
  • We've also started feeding some table food.  Cucumber spears have been a big hit.  She's also had cantaloupe and I plan to try watermelon tonight.

  • I decreased the number of bottles from 5 to 4 per day and increased the ounces per bottle.  This has freed up time in the evenings and now I feel like I can play with her when I get home from work instead of just rushing from one feeding to the next.
  • Swallow study and Upper GI are on Friday.  Claire sometimes coughs her way through her bottles and we hope to rule out reflux and aspiration.

  • I feel like a blog slacker right now, but things have been pretty uneventful (knock on wood!) lately.  We do have a Buddy Walk this weekend and will meet some other bloggers, which I am soooo excited for.


  1. She is so beautiful! i bet she loves the crib. I know my Emmie did. I kept her in the bassinet until her legs were hanging over the sides,LOL. my issue obviously.

  2. All of this brings back such memories! Every achievement is a wonder...going to solids, them feeding themselves, them fixing their own food (ha). And both of my kids LOVED their cribs. It was like their own private club!

  3. What a big girl...big crib and real food - way to go Claire.

  4. Oh, she is adorable! I LOVE the bedhead! =)
    Sleep well, little one!

  5. Thats my girl, green beans are horrible! She looks so sweet sleeping, I love sleeping babies!

  6. I LOVE HER HAIR!! Seriously, she is so cute sleeping, with her hair all wild like that!!

  7. Yay Claire!! Happy to hear that things are going well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair!! BEAUTIFUL=)

  8. glad things are going so well - love the bed head pictures :) have so much fun this weekend with the buddy walk!!!


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