Monday, April 19, 2010

Support Groups

This weekend was busy (as usual) with lots of traveling.  On the good side, I'm getting much better at getting Claire and I packed up and on the road.

Friday night I attended a DS parent support group.  There aren't any groups like this in my area, so the one I went to was a couple of hours away, near where I grew up.  I was really excited for this meeting.  I was looking forward to meeting other parents, and getting to hang out with some school age kids with DS.  Unfortunately, the meeting wasn't really what I'd hoped for. 

First, it was very loud and very hectic, and hard to have a conversation at all.  I understand that this is also a time for the kids to get together and play, but conversation was difficult at best.  I also really felt like an outsider.  The parents in this group have been together for quite a while.  Their kids attend pre-school and school together, and they have a lot of the same therapists.  I knew that this was going to be the case, but it seemed to create a bigger gap between us than I thought it would.  I was able to talk to one mom whose daughter had the same heart surgery as Claire, but I don't think I really learned anything that I didn't already know.  Overall, I'm glad I went, but I don't think I'll make the effort to get back again. 

Saturday, on the other hand, was a great day.  One of my college roommates was in town, and we were able to get together with a third roommate and hang out. (Hi guys!)  It was wonderful to have a chance to get caught up and see every body's kids.

Sunday was spent out at our pasture working on water line and a new stock tank.  I was a little nervous about how Claire would do, but she was a champ.  She napped a little more than usual, but I expected that since car time makes me tired too!


  1. Melissa, It sounds like you are getting into some nice routines, and that you and Claire, and the hub (sorry don't know his name)are getting the hang of parenthood. Love all the sweet photos.

  2. glad you were able to check out the Ds support group but sorry it wasn't as informative or exactly what you were thinking it might be... isn't it nice to know you can get a lot of the support and info you are looking for on blogs? (although the personal aspect is lacking!!!) sorry to hear there isn't much in your area as far as getting together in person, but who knows, you might find someone nearby to get together with sometime? if not - maybe when you are in denver for any of claire's appts (or do you still go to denver for anything?)

    glad you had a fun visit w/ your college roommates!

  3. We had the same experience with the parent group we found, too. We went once, it was us and one other couple, didn't get a lot of out it, but hoped that when we got more folks together it would be better. They don't even meet any more... Too bad, too- I was really looking forward to it. If you ever want to meet up when you're in town, we're always game! I even know another family (I went to high school with her sister) who had a baby in September with Ds. Maybe we could start our own get-together! :)

  4. Claire is beautiful..what a great adventure you have ahead of you!

  5. Meliss- I can certainly relate about the groups as we have belonged and attended many of them over the years. We usually couldn't bring out kids to many of them because Alex would absolutely freak if we got there late and were confronted with more than 2 people in the room. We always had to be the first people in the room or he would freak out with the noise and it would result in him screaming at the top of his lungs ( a little hard to hold on conversations). We found another group of people who would find friends etc to watch their kids while Mommy and Daddy would go meet other parents. The noise phobia still hasn't gone away entirely as both the boys still hold their ears and complain in loud places. We just help them work through the issue with words of encouragement and limit the amount of time in loud places. Just remember that there are always other groups to visit and don't feel that you can't start your own group. We gravitated to a couple of families in our area with whom we shared our own research and information. It does sound like you are getting into the routine much easier and pretty soon, you'll be a pro that I know you are!

    Loves - Uncle Robbie Rooster!

  6. It was so good to see you and meet Claire. We really do have to get together more often. I'm gonna get Sara to thinking about when she could visit us and go from there!

  7. I know that I am really late on reading this, but your post just really hit home with me. A few months ago I had been looking for support and we attended the 0-6yo DSACT (DS Association of Central Texas) group. I left feeling more alone than before. Everyone knew each other and my husband and I were stuck on the outskirts. I have found more support through my FB buddies, blogs like yours, and BabyCenter. Anyway, I just want to thank you for your post :-) Claire is a beauty.


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