Friday, April 9, 2010


Claire was supposed to have her three month cardiology appointment yesterday, but it was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.  The cardiologist is comfortable waiting until next month to see her, and I am still trying to decide if I am comfortable waiting that long.  She is doing very well, so I think it will be fine.  She's happy and eating well.  She's not struggling to breathe and is gaining weight, so I'm inclined to wait.  I think going to Denver with her by myself would be hard logistically with feedings and pumping, and I'd like to avoid it unless it's necessary.

We met with the nutritionist yesterday, and the OT today.  We checked Claire's weight and length and she is growing right along.  She is 10 lb, 4 oz and 22 inches, which is between the 50th and 75th percentiles on the girls with DS chart.  I'm thrilled with her weight gain (almost an ounce a day!) and that's one reason I think waiting to meet with cardio is ok. 

Her OT appt today was at her baby sitter's, and I think it was helpful for Sharon to see some of the things we do with Claire.  None of the "exercises" is all that different than you would do with a typical baby, but I think it's helpful just to have them demonstrated.

This weekend will be full of traveling to the grandparents, and I'm hoping I don't forget anything.  I'm also having Claire's three month pictures taken while I'm there, so new pictures next week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Glad to hear that she is doing so well and building her strength. Waiting to see the Cardo might be a good idea as it will give her more time to add some weight and if she continues to eat and build some weight, that is a good thing. We are looking forward to more pics!


  2. Can't wait to see some new pictures of your beautiful little girl! It sounds like she is eating and growing just the way se should, and that's fantastic!

  3. I am so happy for you guys and for claire that she is doing so well and is gaining weight and growing, even before having her heart "fixed" :) i can't wait to see the new 3 month pics after this weekend! have a great time!!!

  4. Hi! I just saw Claire's birth announcement on DSMama's blog. Congratulations and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am glad to hear she is doing so great!!!

  5. hi! we just found you through DSMama's blog too! your little girl is beautiful! our camden has down syndrome and is 12 weeks....he has some heart issues too :) so we know how you feel with the doctors...we hope everything continues to go well for you!

  6. I love having our sitter in on some of Sheridna's appointments occasionally. It's so helpful for her to learn first hand from his PT, OT, etc. Not that I expect her to "work" with him nonstop... but just to help her identify opportunities throughout the day to help him practice some things :) And SO glad she is gaining weight so well. If she's doing so well, having no issues breathing and eating, waiting another month won't hurt - especially of the doc felt the same :) Claire is just gorgeous!

  7. Found your blog through DS Mama too!!! Claire is gorgeous. I love her little Easter dress. My Lily had that same dress and I thought it was so sweet.

    I read a few of your posts. Just know that you won't always think about Ds so much. I know I did for almost the first year...but now that Lily is almost two, it's not the first thing on my mind.

    Stop by my blog sometime!


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