Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jinxed (A biting update)

I've had a few people ask how things were going with Claire and her biting.  I really wanted to do an update and brag on Claire.  She was at 2 months (2 months!!!!) without any bites at school (home is a whole other story), but I hesitated.  It seems like every time I think about the biting, or I talk about biting, it starts back up again, so I held off.

And yesterday and today we've had problems with biting at school.

I feel like I jinxed her.

I know that's not the case, but this is frustrating.  She was doing so well.  Her speech has been coming along wonderfully, and she's still learning new signs.  She LOVES school and daycare, and all of her friends.  I really hoped that all of her new signs and words were giving her the tools she needed to deal with her frustrations.

I just hate these set backs because it brings the biting back to front and center.  The other kids start talking about how Claire bites them, and I think all the talk of biting makes it even more likely that it will happen again.  I hate to have her singled out for her behavior, but it is understandable.  The biting HURTS, and the kids remember it for quite a while.

It looks like this round of behavior was brought on by a cold.  Claire's behavior has always been very closely tied to how she feels.  Her last few problems were right before we got her tubes put in.  I hope this cold is short lived and that she is feeling back to herself soon though!


  1. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Every time there is trouble with our kids, we take it all on our shoulders. I have probably told you this before, but my son was a biter, and I just wanted to hide at parties because so many of the parents had kids that were his victims! All I could do was just beg for forgiveness and tell them to pray for us! But eventually he did grow out of it...around kindergarten or first grade I think!

  2. Hugs,! I know just how it feels to have them singled out by the other kids (and parents) Owen is a hugger (squeezer) and also a pusher! It is so sad because the children do avoid him but what he wants most is interaction with them. I have noticed too that although Oweys communication is getting better all the time he still uses these behaviors and I agree talking about the behavior only serves to reinforce it, I only use positive words now I never say don't push but "use your hello hands" Now the kids at school also use those words hopefully we see less and less of this unsociable stuff this year. Hugs again

  3. Sorry Melissa. I'm sure it's a way for her to express her frustrations when communication is somewhat limited. I think it will get better again, Claire is a smart cookie and she'll get it. Hugs friend. I'm not sure this will help but I talked with my mom about what she does with kids who bite and she said that you have to lean into the bite or pull her mouth closer when she bites because it will make her release her bite. It's also uncomfortable for her and might help her stop. But I know that doesn't help with the other children, they wouldn't understand that concept.

  4. I am sorry...I think this is tied to how the child feels...I have a little guy in my daycare that bites and I have learned his triggers and he seems to target one other child...but if he sick or coming down with a cold he will bite...he just wants his space and his way and I get that...I am sorry but I bet she will get back to feeling good and hug away any the memories of the bite...smiles


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