Monday, March 7, 2011

Climbing on up!

One of our assignments to work on from PT is climbing stairs.  Since our house has lots of stairs, you would think this would be easy for me, but I just haven't been working on it with Claire.  One of our sets of stairs is topped by a gate.  The other set is usable, but leads to a tile landing filled with shoes.  It requires a little rearrangement, and really isn't all that comfortable to be crawling on.  So I've been slacking.

This table in our living room is one of Claire's favorite places to play.  She will sit in front of it, with her legs underneath, and the surface is just the right height to play.  For the last couple of days she's been standing in front of the table to reach for things on the second shelf.  She is determined to chew on the stone coasters we have.  And while her teeth are sharp, I'm pretty sure filing them on coasters isn't recommended.

This morning Claire was standing by the table and helping herself to the coaster on the second shelf.  I moved the coaster to the top shelf, and stepped back.  I expected her just to get back down on the floor since there wasn't anything left to play with. 

Instead, she decided that she needed to go up!  And with perfect form, she climbed on to the bottom shelf of the table and started to stand up to reach the top shelf!  While I was super proud and really wanted her to be able to complete her mission, she was wearing fleece pj's.  And those slippery feet and the wooden table just wasn't a combination I was comfortable with.

I guess this means we really should be working on climbing stairs, since she's obviously ready, but we also need to keep working on how to get OFF the furniture safely too.

In other exciting news, Claire can identify a nose!  She doesn't seem to realize that she has a nose, but she is good at pointing them out on others. 


  1. That is the perfect climbing table ;) Once she starts climbing stairs she'll never want to stop! Well, at least Lucas is still pretty obsessed with them. And that's awesome about the nose!

  2. I agree, that is the perfect climbing tool for her! I found Arina standing against the TV stand today! She pulled herself all the way up, but then was stuck and couldn't get down!

  3. Sure looks like a set of stairs to me too!

    Claire is just going to literally start taking off,in a blink of an eye and how very fun it will be to watch.

    Great job on the the nose thing .. Zoey was the same way and before long realized,hey,I have these same body parts too!

  4. It's all going to fly by now! It is so much fun to see them develop and discover the world!

  5. Super Claire! Yes yes, climb the coffee table. Go Claire go! Wait! Don't climb the furniture!

    Ellie is the same way about the coasters. Go figure. Our only stairs are the concrete ones outside leading up the porch.

  6. i am loving the climbing table! i think that is a great idea...we have stairs but not for Maddie stairs!! is it not funny how excited kiddos get when they are on the furniture! Maddie has fallen off a few times and that has almost cured her of going off head first!! yeah for NOSE!! smiles


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