Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I know today is almost over, but this campaign is important to me.  I've mentioned it on this blog before, you may have had me say something in person to you.  Yes, I am talking about the R-word again. 

When you use the r-word, whether you 'mean it that way or not', it is a direct insult to Claire and all other people with intellectual disabilities.

I am tolerant of the word if it is used in ignorance, but once I've explained that the word is hurtful I EXPECT friends and family to remove it from their vocabulary.

I found this post today from a mom who decided to battle the r-word on twitter.  While I'm not surprised about the responses she got, I am sad.  So for those who have made a change in the words you choose because of Claire, THANK YOU!


  1. Sweet little Claire! Its been harder to see with Jax, but since having Arina home, it just makes me crazy that people think she's different. Nothing she does is any different than any other child! Nothing!

  2. well said! and claire is such a doll!


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