Monday, November 1, 2010

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Celine

Today is the launch of Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree and the Christmas Warriors.  The Angel Tree is the biggest fundraiser of the year, and the goal is to increase each of the waiting children's grants by $1,000.  If you donate $35 or more, you will receive a photo ornament of your chosen child (or many chosen children!).  $5 of your donation covers the cost of the ornament, and the rest goes directly to the child's grant.  These ornaments are a great gift, and a wonderful way to teach children about other people that have less than they do.

I'm so excited to introduce you all to Celine.  Celine just turned 5 in October, and is at very high risk for transfer to a mental institution soon.  It will be much harder, or maybe impossible, to adopt her once she is transferred, so she needs a family soon!  While a donation of $35 or more will get you an ornament, ANY amount is greatly appreciated.

From Reece's Rainbow:  She is a pretty little girl who is blessed to still be at the baby house. She is facing transfer soon. Celine has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is quite self-sufficient and independent physically. She very much enjoys the attention of adults, and likes to read books and engage.  Celine will do very well in a family setting. Lots more photos available, along with FULL MEDICAL RECORDS. Married couples only at this time.

If you are able to help fund Celine's adoption, there are a couple of ways to do this.  First, if you want an ornament, go through the Angel Tree Sponsorship page.  Celine is about 9 rows from the bottom, so it will be quicker to go all the way down and then scroll back up.  She is the second one in from the right.  Look for her bright pink shirt and beautiful smile!  There is also a chipin available in the right sidebar if you would like to donate less than the $35 on the Angel Tree page.  Any amount truly does help, and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Whether you are able to donate or not, please take just a moment and pray for Celine and her forever family, where ever they may be.

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  1. Oh I haven't seen her sweet face! Maybe because I don't go on much, I see too many that I want!


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