Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

This year I'm looking forward to sending out holiday cards.  Usually, cards are one more thing on my never ending holiday to do list.  This year, instead of a generic card, my little beauty will be staring back at you!  My goal to have a family picture on the front of the card, but that will require all three of us to be home for at least a few hours on a weekend.  This is easier said than done...But it really needs to happen since this photo from the summer is the only good one of all of us.

I used Shutterfly when I sent out Claire's birth announcements and they turned out great. The cards were easy to make, and there were lots of options to choose from. It took me forever to pick a design for her announcement, and I can see that choosing a Christmas card from all the options available won't be any easier.  I'm leaning toward a card with spots for multiple photos like this one.  That way I don't have to choose just one Claire picture!  If you still need holiday gifts for people Shutterfly has many great options like calendars, photo mugs or ornaments.

Disclosure:  This post was written as part of a promotion for Shutterfly, which I really do love!  For telling you about their holiday cards I will receive a code for 50 free cards.


  1. I just posted a bit about our cards from Shutterfly too!Should have found out about the 50 free before I ordered.Darn!

  2. I just got a notice that mine have been shipped - can't wait for them to arrive!!!

  3. I am all about the Xmas cards and letter. I have them sitting here ready to go, to be mailed the day after Thanksgiving, just to piss off my friends which is what I do obnoxiously every year. But Shutterfly...I use them to do photo calendars for the grandparents every year. I take pictures all year long, then do these for gifts. It is a very easy and very cool thing for the people that can't get enough of these kids!

  4. Hey Melissa- will you email me when you have time? I wanted to ask you a question...thanks!!


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