Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayers for Lois

I'd planned to write a fun post today, with lots of pictures, but instead am here asking for prayers for Lois. 

The hardest part of Claire's extra chromosome has been all of real and potential health issues.  Yes, OHS surgery was very, very hard to go through, but there was an end in sight.  There are always possible complications with any surgery, but I knew there would be a time when I would have a healthy little girl.  One who would only need annual follow up appointments.  And this knowledge helped get me through the hard months of anticipation and worry leading up to her surgery.

But, in our Ds community there is talk of another issue too much these days. Cancer.  It's a word that is scary no matter who you apply it to, but when someone mentions pediatric cancer, my heart just skips a beat.  In our community there are warriors like Zoey who are currently in remission, some like Ella who are going through chemo right now, and still others like Emily who may be just beginning this journey.  Typically, kids with Ds do very well combating leukemia, but, after just three weeks of being cancer free, Lois has relapsed.

So, for all of these warriors and the many, many more who are out there, I ask you to consider becoming part of the National Marrow Donor Program.  And I ask for your prayers.


  1. YOu know I will pray for this little baby. As if there aren't enough obstacles to overcome, it just breaks my heart to heart about things like this.

  2. The more people we get registered,is one step closer to someone's miracle.

    Feeling beyond grateful that Zoey has made it to this moment and although we are not at our cure point, we rejoice in this moment.oOur hearts ache for our friends and prayers seems all we can do today.Lots of prayers.

  3. Praying for sweet Lois. I am with you, pediatric cancer has always made me pretty emotional even before I had Emily, the thought of it would just break my heart in a moment. I have been registered for the last 7 years with the National Bone Marrow Registry, it's so easy to do I would encourage everyone out there to just never know when cancer might strike close to home.

  4. isn't it just heart breaking to read about our blogging friends who are going through this with their kids!!! i will go to lois's blog to leave a comment and keep her in our prayers!!!!
    i have been registered on the bone marrow donor registry for a year now!


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