Friday, February 3, 2012

Seven Snippets Fridays, #4

--- 1 ---

It's a snow day today.  Colorado has been all over the news for the monster storm that is supposed to be upon us.  Some parts of the state have a lot more snow than we do though.  It's still snowing, but so far, we only have about three inches.

--- 2 ---

And related to our snow day....trying to get any work done from home while entertaining a 2 year old is pretty much impossible!

--- 3 ---

On Monday we had another ultrasound to make sure that a VBAC was an option.  Everything looks good with baby and his position, so that is the plan.  We will head back to the doctor on Feb 29 to have my membranes stripped and hopefully have a baby soon after. I am hoping that baby waits until the next day to make his appearance though, so we don't have a leap year baby.

--- 4 ---

Monday was full of appointments.  Claire also had PT, her first session since she started walking.  We brought her Sure Steps and a couple of pair of shoes to try with them.  These shoes were the best fit over the orthotics.  They come in half sizes and an extra wide width.

--- 5 ---

Claire's favorite word right now is 'hot'.  Any time you give her food she will sign and say hot, and we have to reassure her that it's just right to eat.  Cute, but exhausting at times, as this can be an every bite question.

--- 6 ---

Since we didn't get enough of all the doctor appointments on Monday, Claire and I headed to her ENT on Wednesday.  Both the audiologist and her doctor said her ears were pretty full of wax.  She hasn't been eating too much these days, so it was worth a trip to get her checked out.  The doctor cleaned one ear out, but said the other one looked good.  Both tubes are still in place too.  So, I guess the picky (or non-existent) eating is just 2 year old stuff...

--- 7 ---

At the ultrasound the tech estimated baby's weight at 5 lbs, 7 oz.  Crazy, because that's already bigger than what Claire was when she was born.

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  1. Happy Snow storm! we are enjoying the snow also here in Wyoming! not much as you guyz but enough to go skiing and sledding! so happy the baby is big and healthy! I bet you are ready to hold the little one! love the wish Maddie would wear something other then skidders...Happy weekend! smiles

  2. We have so much snow already, it's crazy! I'm glad you posted about the ENT, that's on my list of to-dos. Lucas always has a lot of wax too. So happy that you are still feeling good and baby is doing well. Exciting times!

  3. I'm so glad your going to try for a vaginal birth this time! Never had a cesarean, but I think you lose a lot of the things you get when you deliver vaginally!

  4. So jealous of the snow day! We have had no snow this year! Last year we were hammered! Really hoping we get at least one good snowfall!

  5. Cute shoes! I had to laugh reading about Claire saying and signing hot...That would get old pretty fast! haha
    I'm excited for you to have this baby!!

  6. I love these little Friday Snippets ... I should consider doing it for little tid bits of catch up. I am in a blogging slump.

    Cannot believe that the baby will be her so soon. For me, the time has flown by!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So glad all is well. Can not wait to hear how Claire welcomes her sibling. Love the new design! Gary

  8. how exciting! baby soon! I had a vbac as well (with Moxie); so glad I did

  9. Melissa, so excited to hear all is going well and D-Day is edging up quickly. Bless you all.

    Our in womb-grandchild is growing nicely and mama is feeling well. Just entered last trimester.

  10. Ugh. Fitting for shoes...I hate fighting the shoes over the orthotics worse than just about anything else therapy-related.

    Thanks for participating in Seven Snippets Friday!


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