Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Things Halloween

Last year we skipped carving pumpkins.  Claire was little enough that she had no interest in them, and I don't enjoy the carving enough to want to clean up the mess.

This year was different.

Claire LOVED playing in the pumpkins.  She dug right in and couldn't get enough of transferring the pumpkin pulp to the bowl.  Towards the end, when the inside of the pumpkin needed to be scraped out, Darren would try to help and would be immediately be pushed aside.

Claire was the cutest little Nemo last night, but she wasn't as much of a fan of the costume as we were.  She HATES anything on her head, so the hood didn't last long.

Instead of trick or treating we went to church for the Fall Carnival.  Claire loved all the kids in costume, the bouncy house and slide.  We let her bounce a little on the edge of the sumo pit.  The bounce houses were a little too busy for her, but she had a great time.


  1. She is a better sport than my 12 yr old. He has never EVER put his hand in a pumpkin after that first time when he was one. Nope, that was it for him. He has weird hangups with sensory things. I love the costume - so cute. I fear that my kids are outgrowing Halloween...they were so not into it this year.

  2. Sweet Claire.. you always bring a smile to my face and I LOVE how brave you are to dig deep into the goo of the pumpkin ... even I don't like that!

    Love to you all.

  3. What a cute little Nemo! I am impressed with her pumping gutting skills. We skipped this year and last year.

  4. What a cutie! Jesenia kept trying to pull her "flower" off. My sister and nieces kept saying "poor baby" and I was just like whatever, she's wearing it! :) No head garb next year. And I did carve two pumpkins for the boys. They lasted about two days before the squirrels ate them. Now they are just pumpkins with big holes.

  5. Adorable pics! Your little Claire is a cutie!

    Just discovered your blog through the Christmas warrior button. Thanks SO MUCH for being Danila's Christmas Warrior. I am her prayer warrior. My oldest son (15) prays for her too. Let me know what I can do to help you!

  6. I love it!! Claire is one cute Nemo!! I love the pix to sweet...it looks like Claire had a blast! smiles

  7. Claire is the cutest little Nemo!!!

  8. She is so cute! I love the Nemo costume!

  9. I haven't left a comment in ages and was catching up on your blog today! I LOVE the picture in the Nemo costume! So so so cute!!
    Hope you guys are doing well!


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