Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday was a crazy, busy, hectic day, but it was the most amazing of days too.

I've been trying to schedule as many of Claire's out of town appointments on the same day as possible.  These days include a lot of travel time, and it makes sense to have a full day.  Yesterday was filled with four appointments, five hours of drive time and one very exhausted and sore mama when we finally got home.

One of our monthly appointments is PT.  Our PT, Pat Winders, is amazing.  To say Claire is resistant to PT is an understatement.  If you can get her to try an activity three times, that is success.  Pat is always coming up with new ways to keep Claire happy and engaged.  Some days are better than others.

Yesterday was great.

One of the bigger gym rooms was open and Pat thought a change of scenery might help.  We played on the slide, climbed on the foam steps and had a great time without Claire realizing we were even working.  Between all that playing, we set Claire up to take independent steps.  This has been the focus of our PT sessions for at least the last four months.

Claire stood, with Pat kneeling behind her for support, and she walked to an exercise ball propped against a mirror.

These weren't the lunging, did her feet move before her hands touched type of "steps" we've been getting for a while.  These were actual, not touching anything, countable steps!!

I needed a day like that.  I've been so overwhelmed with work, appointments and pregnancy hormones that tears have come easily lately, and they haven't been happy tears.

As Pat and I were talking she mentioned that Claire's standing balance was so much better,and she wondered if we'd be able to stand her in the middle of the room and have her walk to us.  Not really expecting her to do it, I stood Claire in the middle of the floor and she took four steps to me.  Now those tears were happy tears!

Usually PT ends with Pat and I talking, and with Claire staying as far away from Pat as she can possibly get.  Pat makes Claire work hard, and it's rare that she leaves a session happy.  Yesterday's session felt different to me, and apparently it did to Claire too.  For the first time ever at the end of a session, she crawled over to Pat and gave her a big hug.  I thought Pat was going to cry a few happy tears too.  :)

I hope this is the breakthrough Claire needed.  Physically, she'd have been able to walk months ago.  This has not been a strength issue.  She just hasn't wanted to walk.  Now, I don't think anything can stop her.


Just a few pictures from our time at the park last week.


  1. Yay for the victory! And THANK YOU for those cute pictures!


  2. Pretty girl!!! I love those pictures!

    Yay for 4 steps...I'm sure that 4 will turn into 8 and before you know it she'll be all over the place! Just wait until she realizes what she can get into and how fast she can go walking! :)

  3. Happy dance! Rock on Miss Claire!!!!

  4. Awesome!!I tell you what, her and Hope are right on course together!!!! They are like sisters from another mister!!!
    Wish we lived closer!

  5. that is a BIG day!! and so GREAT! hope you are feeling better and get some rest! smiles

  6. That actually brought tears to my eyes. God bless her. And she looks like such a big girl in those pictures. You must be so proud!

  7. Yay, Claire!!! Ohhhh, our kids have such tenacious determination, and I just LOVE the PTs that really make them work!

  8. Yay Claire! Jesenia is all over the place walking and I've been trying to find a shoe that fits her size 3 foot and I'm having a hard time. Her feet are a little pudgy on top like Adrian's were and it's hard to squeeze her foot in some of the shoes. We tried on all the ones at target and none of them worked. And she out of the blue starting climbing the stairs! I can't keep up with her. Now, if she would only start feeding herself....

    We seriously need to try and get together soon. I know the girls would have so much fun playing together. :)

  9. Yeah Claire. It is so nice when something you have been working on for so long finally happens.

  10. She's such a beauty! And yaay for real steps!!!! We are so proud of you Claire!

  11. Yeah Claire!!!! So proud of you big girl!!!

    Isn't Pat just the best!! :)

  12. What a girl!! What a milestone and may I say,she is looking so toddlerish and darling as ever.

    Hope you are feeling well my friend. Think of you often and sending you love.

  13. Big Girl Steps indeed, Melissa. Congrats to both you and Claire :)

  14. YAHOO for such an amazing PT day! Go Claire go!


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