Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Shadow and Pure Love

Clarie has turned into my shadow.  If I am working on dinner in the kitchen, she is happy just to play underfoot.  But once I start moving around the house she does her absolute best to keep up with me.  She is becoming quite the little crawler, and is wearing a path from the living room to the kitchen, with a few detours every now and them to the bedroom or bathroom.  Just the other night I left her in the living room to run her bath, and when I turned around to go get her she was waiting in the bathroom doorway!

There are kids, though, that aren't able to practice their crawling skills by following after mom.  In fact, they don't have anyone that answers to mom.  Peter is one of those kids.  He has spent his whole life in an orphanage.  He doesn't have anyone to encourage him, to love on him and kiss him. And unless a family steps forward for him soon, he may not have the chance to know pure love.

He turns 4 later this month.  In his orphanage, 4 is the transfer age.  Transfer to an adult mental institution. 

Andrea, from Reece's Rainbow, had this to say about Peter "I wish I had a suggestion about Peter....I have been advocating for him for YEARS. Nothing short of a full grant is going to do much for him, I'm afraid."

A full grant is $20,000, and that is the amount that Patti has set to raise for him. 

And you, yes YOU, can help!

A small donation to Peter (or Olga or Kareen) will enter you to win some AMAZING prizes.  And to help Peter know Pure Love!

Please pray for Lois's family.  Sweet Lois lost her battle with cancer this morning.


  1. Oh dear, just breaks my heart. I will say a prayer for both of them...

  2. miss maggie is also my shadow...and if i don't look down while washing dishes, etc. i feel a tug on my pants! cutest thing! and love claire's new face, too stinkin cute :) and prayers for peter and lois' family...

  3. Hi!Thanks for commenting on my blog! Where are you at in Colorado? Did you go to the Ds clinic? Claire is just adorable!! Sounds like she and my Madalyn have similar issues with sinus infections/respiratory issues, etc.. :)) Love the pics with the calves, so sweet!


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