Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blissfully Uneventful...

Things have been quiet around here.  Pretty much just work and home, work and home, with a few PT/OT appointments thrown in to keep things interesting.

The weather is finally warming up a bit and Claire and I have been able to get out for a few walks and to the park.  I'm ready for winter to be over though.  I'm tired of the dreary days, and I'm tired of taking pictures inside, which explains the lack of photos on this post.  I haven't had my camera out at all lately.

Claire is now on round 4 of antibiotics.  A few days after finishing round 3 the goopy eyes and green snot came back yet again.  This round finishes in a few days and I'm hoping the sinus infection, and the thrush she now has, are finally gone!

Claire is feeling great though, and she is moving all over the place.  Her crawling is getting much faster, and she is pulling up on more and more things.  For a while she only pulled up on the ottoman by the couch, but now she has branched out to include the gate at the top of the stairs and the bath tub.  She is also cruising, taking a few steps in both directions on the furniture.  We've been practicing walking while holding onto our hands, and she is doing much better with this too.  At first we'd only get a step or two, and now we are easily up to 10-12 steps.

Darren has been busy at the farm, and has been gone most weekends.  This time of year we are calving heifers and cows, and with the cows we are getting 10-12 calves a day.  With that many new babies in a day it is easy to get behind on tagging and moving them. 

I haven't been doing much that is exciting, mainly working on our taxes in the evenings.  Which isn't fun, but is necessary.  I still haven't found much time to read lately, and I really miss that.  But, I did find that the Overdrive system with the library (where I check out ebooks) has an app for my phone!  That means that I can always have a book with me and I may get more than one book a month read.


  1. Yay, Claire! Great job cruising and getting around! Hopefully the infection and thrush are gone. Sometimes one of those long-term (14-day) antibiotics is the only thing that does the trick on those recurrent issues.

    Wow, 10-12 calves a DAY?!? Is it your farm? That's really cool, but sounds like an awful lot of work.

    Funny, I nearly wrote a blog post the other day about how I had nothing to say because everything was so routine day in and day out. :-) Good to have those days, right?

  2. Having sick kids is no fun. You worry, you wish you could make it go away. I will send warm thoughts your way, as today it is 83 degrees. You guys have really had a hard winter. Pretty soon, it is going to be nice out and that little Claire will be romping in the park!

  3. Its funny, me and Denise were just talking about sinus infections and how hard they are to clear up. Hopefully this round does the trick!

  4. Thats awesome Claire is cruising! We are trying to work on that here but Russell seems to like his feet firmly planted on the ground! I hope Claire gets better soon and this round of antibiotics work for her!
    We are just getting ready to start calving, busy time of year! Brad will be working nights shifts in the calving barn for a while and thats tough cause then he needs to sleep during the day and its hard keeping all the kids quiet!


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